The Real Secret Is To Help Others


On Helping Others and The Secret

The part of The Secret that gives most pause, beyond the idea that wealth itself should not be the entire goal is this - they say that one should not help others.

Others say that means that o nly those who wish to should help others.

That's as brilliant a defense of cruelty as any I've yet heard o n this subject of the book, The Secret, that has all of us pondering its' ideas.
And an excuse for self-serving apathetic greed.
We're put on this planet in order to help - all the relgions agree on this one point of service and sharing.
Our souls are the point, not materialism.

As on those gruesomely violent animal films they choose to show on nature shows now, reminding me of the Roman Coliseum so-called "games" of a decadent civilization, rather than showing kid-friendly shows, they now concentrate on displaying the most blatantly cruel footage they can create - and yes, they create these hideous death scenes by placing, say, and infant and helpless hippo in the water with a huge male they've enraged - why? In order to sell to the sponsors who tend to want ratings and who too often depending on the cruelty industries of death like meat or a spin-off industry that uses by-products of the killing industries.
They like to make the kids callous - another reason? To add to the armies, also a reason they play military films almost exclusively o n weekends.
Parents are too busy to lobby for more child-proof programming, and so often now, there is o­nly one, working parent in the home.

The reason I bring this discussion into this thread is to show that the next step is creating violence, o nce you've stepped into the apathetic stance of not helping others.

A decent and true wildlife photographer would step in and help if he saw a tragedy about to happen. The wild animals are so beseiged and so much going on anyway, but the result is blood-thirstiness among the viewers and the inability to empathize with the helpless among us.

As specialists all agree, not being able to care about other animals also extends to our own specie, and that's why serial killers are born from this first apathy, lack of responsibilty, and callousness, and then progressing o nto other levels of violence from there.

The gun lobby and the meat industries, the military, and the mis-placed machoistic elements of thought and behavior that have colored our cruel history of domination, competitiveness and racism that is really o nly the true name of nationalism, continue to suppport this sort of thing.

Why would a community of so-called spiritual people like those at this site also want to further these aims by advocating NOT helping when there is a need?

Charity is the word for the type of Love, meaning Compassion, that is necessary for healing, for spirituality, and for everything decent among humanity.

Helping is the essence of it all.

It begins with caring and it needs to be addressed now if the world is to survive.

What good is creating as in The Secret if it does not extend to those who are in need?

This is taking the old idea of not caring, of other lives, of karma, to the very extreme.

Haven't we evolved past this yet?

Don't you see that those old ideas were sown by the powers that controlled the resources in ancient times in order to quell the populations' unrest? In order to control what would have been forces of disruption and revolt? To cause people, in the case of religions, to be content with their own plight, when there was no way to better their lots in life?

Yes, o ne can be content, if we ignore the soul and spirituality, with sitting back, complacently, and tending to our own little material worlds, creating ever more wealth and keeping it all to o­neself or to o ne nation, but is this spiritual?
Is this just?

Does this further anything but the very most base of all human desires?
In fact, if this Secret has been given to so many people now, when through countless ages it was harbored and kept by o nly adepts, don't you think it was extended to all, as o nce Christianity extended the idea of salvation to all, in order that we might use it to prosper everyone and every being and every place in God's world? To heal it all?

Just in time to either save or to allow the world to die, we have a tool.
I also believe that synchronicity is at work, that we all are born loving all beings, and that we also love to give.
That peacefulness of the spirit, mind, body, and soul comes from kindness, and that Compassion is the entire point.

Those who get it win all - healthiness, soulfulness, spirituality, wealth, and happiness!

We can't all be Mother Teresa, but we can all give - and we can all share our gifts, be grateful and caring, can pray every day for all living beings in the world, and can do our part to save lives every day by being Compassionate with our food choices.

Go Vegan!