Pandora's Box and The Law Of Attraction

Pandora's Box and the Laws of Attraction
by Ocean

Just as Pandora opened the forbidden box and all chaos was let loose, having it all, having too much, regarding excess and greed, to use the secret for wrong things will not lead to good things.
Also, remember the Djinns, where stories abound about unintelligent or greedy mortals who, placed in the position to wish for and to obtain limiteless desires were admonished and warned about the dangers of the two-sided sword aspect of obtaining o ne's wishes without having earned them by first creating a good life with a pure soul.
We know that these secrets have been held o nto for countless ages by religious sages, and for good reason, and that now, due to the unprecedented threat to mere world survival, the learned o nes have caused these methods to become widespread knowledge, essentially taking the gamble that right actions will occur in time to save the world, in other words, hoping that the number of good people who will o nly use these powers for good will outweigh the evil people who will, doubtless, merely self-implode with their greedy desires fulfilled, like when Midas wished to turn all things to gold and starved to death since he could no longer even ingest food before it would turn to metal. All that glitters might not be gold, after all, but it might be the weapon that destroys your life.

Not wanting to rain on everyone's parade here - I'm merely reminding people that throughout human history these methods have been known and kept safely under wraps, handed down through wise men, in their keeping, and that although countless people stumble upon these things by accident, the real things to remember are that the old adages still apply - to create something good, first BE good.

Good intentions, good actions, wanting first the prosperity of all is the key to lasting happiness and fulfillment, as it has always been.
There are no short cuts in life, really.

Cheating the real purpose of our spiritual growth will not provide our souls with the journeys we were placed here in order to complete, challenges and all.
Honoring the entire universal system by continually learning, growing spiritually, becoming more generous, more kind, more compassionate and more loving, more helpful, and so on, as all the major religons have always told us, is the key to salvation.
The attainment of power, influence, wealth, and Earthly privilege is not promised by those scriptures we have been given, however, the warnings of the dangers the desire for such things are put there for a reason.
Being compassionate is the aim and the goal. Using our talents for the greater good and being ever more grateful, sharing, caring, and helping are obviously why were are here, especially in this time so filled with the misery caused by human overpopulation, for both humans and for all other animal species.
To alleviate suffering, to work toward saving the world, are the best ways to happiness, and are our true challenge and our blessings rolled into one.

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