Among the terms we hear that are essential not only for health, but for wealth 
and prosperity, thankfulness doesn'
t receive as much usage as does appreciation and gratitude.

The meanings are almost the same, and yet, beaming appreciation and keeping 
an attitude of gratitude doesn't quite convey the grace that being thankful 

Doing all three and doing them many times daily - that is, allowing 
yourself to return the blessing in the form of acknowledgement for the forces 
of creation and love all around us will spread a joyful warmth throughout 
your body, and will facilitate any creative energy, like healing or like prosperizing.

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to happen!

Thankfulness, quite simply, puts one in the mode of acceptance.

Graciously aligning oneself with our Creator in expectation and glad, joyous, acceptance of all He has already blessed us with allows, along with the room we have made by selfless, loving giving to the helpless (not to our own circle of reciprocal gifting, although this also is kind, but to the truly helpless, the humans in need, especially out of our own circle, and to the very most helpless, those of other species - go to Care2 and find petitions to help right now!), making room for our Creator to place more resources for loving sharing, we will have shown our willingness to allow God to share through us. Understand?

By graciousness, another of those loving words, and thankfulness for all 
the blessings both great and small that we see - seeing? What a marvelous 
ability! Be thankful for that! - around us every moment, we realize 
the true wealth and prosperity we already have and we grow closer to our Creator, 
(or to the Force, or the one, or however we think of the Great Spirit that 
is the Sea of Energy we are in and also a part of), and help to bring more 
of the Light into the world.

Giving is receiving.

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