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Joy is a decision.

Most things in our lives are.

You don't think so ?

Think again !

We have heads full of instruments that we can use if we choose for our own 
success and happiness in life.

Somewhere inside, we are either led by our emotions or our logic.

Sometimes by our own decisions not to decide. By our own willingness to be 
passive in life.

Regardless, we have choices in these matters.

Even in the very worst scenarios, the strong decide to focus their emotions 
and thoughts in ways that will enhance whatever they're going through, 
and the body will comply.

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It's not enough to merely be content - to be happy.

We know you can decide to channel JOY into your life !

You know the types - the ones who are so cheerful we'd often like 
to knock them down out of envy.

What do you have to celebrate ?, we ask. 

Who are you to rub your joy in my face?

We assume they're the recipients of some great fortune while we're 

Or some secret knowledge.

The truth is the latter.

Or maybe they had the good luck to have been raised around joyous people.

But usually, they've learned it along the way.

But you can elect to become joyous right this second !

You can allow the natural surge of electric joyous energy that exists inside 
you to express itself no matter what !

Look at any toddler and notice how they are - they beam with aliveness 
and express it, unabashedly.

Look at your own cat as he plays with a little balled-up piece of crumpled 

Does he need expensive toys to be joyful ?

Do you - really ?

Stop the inner censors who tell you to clamp down your joyfulness.

Instead, open your childhood part and let it play !

Make your day filled with little fun breaks, no matter what.

Play !

Take a ball to work and either have a fun co-worker throw it back to you or 
find a wall and have recess instead of doing the usual, dull, boring, emotion-numbing things you usually do.

Take a moment to stand up and breathe the fresh air before you march into 
school or to do errands. Even thought you're out of school - have a recess every day! And take fun breaks!

You can be joyful and still get your duties done.

Listen to the birds sing before you get out of bed in the mornings.

Make a list of things you have and value, like being able-bodied. 

Like having plenty to eat.

Like having a bed to lie in and being loved.

Be deeply grateful and feel enthusiastic about your life!

Simple things enrich your joy the way even a trillioniare would need to even to enjoy his luxuries.

So many count trophies and objects instead of blessings.

Joyize !

To Joyize is merely to recognize what you already have and to give yourself 
permission to appreciate it !

Celebrate life itself ! There are always so MANY things to be joyful about 
ever single day ! Birds adoringly sing just because dawn breaks. What a miracle it is !

Joyize Today !



Play outside!


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