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Intention - an aim that guides action.
More formal and firm than a decision, a decision to intend must come first.

Decide to intentionize.

To intentionize is to become firm in the direction to change something or everything about oneself.

Be consistent and repetitive in your resolve.
Then, employ self-discipline.
This is the way to freedom.

Train yourself. Re-educate yourself in the patterns you'd like to adopt. rechannel old habits and transform them into new and better ones.

Merely directing one's attention to new ideas and focusing energy into the matter will assist you in your aim to intentionize. But decision is always first. Resolve.

Seemingly a paradox, directing your attention, to intentionize, to decide 
to become self-disciplined, will set you free.

Reasonize. Use your mind as a powerful machine. Direct it toward the things 
you choose for yourself. 
Starting with who you decide to be is the way.

Deciding to be compassionate is always first. See 
Compassionize. Being spiritual is the one essential in life.

Then, working through recognition of who you'
ve been, what you've 

caused, and taking the full responsibility for everything in your life is 

Ignore the parts of your prismatically complex selves that kick and scream 
as you decide to face the truths, confront the causes, and to own up, take 
control, and drag yourself upward.

It's not easy becoming a rational being, but essential.
Rationality, logic, will free you. 
Emotions are useful and manageable only 
when controlled by, first , your spirit - being honorable and compassionate 
is essential in any life, and secondly, being logical.

Think of your emotions as demented toddlers whose only wishes are for candy, or self-destructive wishes.

Our emotions can be used as fuel in attaining desires - but only if 
they're good desires - good for the planet - for everyone 

You must think as an adult and tame the wilder parts of your psyche - 
or, think of them as a toddler. If allowed free rein, they'll eventually kill you.

Otherwise, these same disciplines can lead you straight to hell, literally 
and figuratively. Cruel or greedy choices will not benefit in the long run. 
They will lead only to ruin.

Bad habits kill people every day. In fact, they are the main reasons for death for the vast majority of people in the developed nations. Others, alas, have not much choice in the conditions that face them - like lack of food. Americans are beseiged with the exact opposite - too much of everything, and most avail themselves, indulging in bad habits without a thought for the morrow, courting diabetes and heart disease with their bad food choices and becoming the fattest people who've ever lived.

Using the mind as an instrument of advancement and enlightenment, not running thoughts first through the emtions or physical desires, is the way to both success and enlightenment. Feeding the brain properly and avoiding negativity in thoughts and in exposure to the wrong media is an essential in this quest.
Thoughts are things. They create using the same energy that created the universe - the unseen but vibrating mega-trillions of whirring particles that 
Creatize our own lives every moment.

And, one can only control oneself, of course, but it's mandatory to decide to do it to live a fulfilling life. To intentionize is to become the person you yourself choose to be.

Attempts to control others will also fail and will double-back and destroy 
the one who's had evil intentions.

Goodness - spirituality - then, is the first requirement for 
success in anything.

Your emotions will enslave, ruin, etc. will run your life, get you if you 
don't master them

They're always working - either for you or against you -
but they never rest.

Your brain never rests. Ever-restless, that little machine between your ears 
has two completely different sections, two differing brains.

One, handed down from our most ancient ancestors, called the old, reptilian 
brain, and, on top of that, the newer, more complex one.

Often, these two are at odds, making the funny cartoon angel on one shoulder/ devil on the other, quite appropriate.

If you don't self-align these two - and add to that the many personae 
which pile up in your mind - your psyche - and you have a whole 
potential team inside - or, if not shaped up in some manner - 
a whole bunch of enemies to what the real you (when you enlighten yourself 
and find yourself among the pack - if you ever decide to), who will 
thwart your every desire.

Self-discipline, self-knowledge are the keys. Writing from the soul - comnecting with the very heart of you, deciding with the mind what is really good for you and then determining what exactly you want to accomplish in life are good daily exercises.

You must let you emtions speak, read them, let them out, otherwise they will 
brew and fester and poison you. Transform them, herd your emotions as you would an unruly child and use your feelings as energy to attain what you decide you will.

In all martial arts, as in all advanced spiritual traditions, the object 
is to master the emotions, make them serve you, otherwise they, the shadow self, will make you the servant.

Master yourself. Self-mastery. Seen everywhere. Seldomly understood.Once the thoughts and the emotions are under the control of your decision, 
the body will comply.

Think of the Native American traditions. Vivid displays of how training the 
mind and making the body obey the will abound in these cultures.

Harmony of purpose is a beautiful thing, and until the higher mind assumes 
command of the lower forces in you, and the lower selves operating through 
you, creating chaos, nothing confluent or effective can happen consistently.

Whether wanting to heal a challenging condition, or wanting to attain desires 
or fulfill one's destiny, the direction leads to only one direction 
- through the decision to intentionize into a constant self-discipline 
training zone, and, then, into success with repeated actions targeting your 
desired results.

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Intentionize - Article by Ocean

I have written a book, ( that will be available very soon at Bookize ) on this very subject, and I have my own system of explaining and showing how to guide yourself toward manifestation - or away from it.

It's actually an inborn talent for many of us, and for many more, as an innate condition, it's either untapped, or mis-directed.

There are certain filters that are mandatory, and certain qualifications to tame the wild tendencies of the mind, in order to benefit from this gift.

The Pandora's Box of legend, in which a semi-goddess opened a forbidden chest she'd been warned against opening, and turned loose upon our world all sorts of evil, and the proverbial double-edged sword are ways of explaining the quality of caution you must approach the use of this potent tool.

Meanwhile, whether aware of it or not, your mind is an untamed instrument which can be used for many things, other than either driving us crazy with unimportant thoughts or with incessant demands, echoes of lost conversations, or eternal lists of things we think we should be doing.

Of course, we can stumble along through life, undirected, mindlessly, and still do quite well, especially if we place ourselves in God's protective hands - in fact, studies prove that those who pray, asking for God's will to transpire prosper far better than do those who direct their intentions - but many of us cannot muster the quietness of mind or the trustfulness, or simply cannot curtail the mind's restless nature from creating chaos or reacting to the crazy-makers around us, and for them, training of the mind to direct its' desires, or to release them, might be necessary in order to achieve a happier state of existence.





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