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Happiness is a decision.

Yes, despite all you've ever believed or heard, you can decide, right 
here and now, that no matter what you are going to be happy.

Happiness begins within and exudes outward.

Like a wave of warmth and beauty, once you have decided to be happy and not to dictate terms or conditions - just to accept and be joyous no matter 
what - that decision will spread through you, healing your spirit first 
and then your body - and it will take over the shadows which had eclipsed 
your life and cast light all over you and beyond - into all aspects 
of you and your surroundings, transforming everything.

The very first thing to do is to make sure your instrument is aligned with the Great Spirit - the Cosmic Sea of Compassion. Why? Because we want only the best vibrational forces and energies to enter us.
Our brains, our souls, our spiritual connection with the intetions of only compassion will prepare us for our cosmic enlightenment, and our transition into happiness.

First, do no harm.
Prepare yourself by cleansing your thoughts, your body,by veganizing - by eating only vegan foods, wearing only vegan clothing, and moving into a comapssionate life that will gain you gifts of the spirit you can only dream of now.
Beware the short-cuts offered by the less-than-spiritualists who have profit motives and who offer the easiest solutions to those flesh-addicted and addicted to other cruel-sourced substances.

First, Compassionize

Then, after you've aligned your spirit with the compassionate forces of the cosmos, you are prepared to progress o nto the next step -


Decide to decide.

Decide to be powerful. This step requires, first, for you to take sole responsibility 
for everything and everyone in your life now, in the past, and in the future. 
Read on for more on this.

And then decide to be happy.
Merely standing firm on something - making a stand with the strongest part of you against the stubborn parts of you will make the decisionizing muscles in your willpower start to work !

Other decisions will follow.

You alone are responsible for your experience here o n earth. 

This step makes many people balk and go into defense-mode.

Stop being defensive.

No one is on trial here.

You're deciding to face things and to work through them in order to 
which means you embrace all in your life, head on, and own it.

Then, you're enabled, opened, functioning as a success and happy-oriented 

Facing realities, owning all you are, taking responsibility for your own 
life is the most empowering step anyone can take. 
Winners happily take responsibility for everything - that's the main factor in becoming successful.

Then, you�ll recognize the wealth you already have had, have now, and 
can choose to have in the future.

Wealth Mermaid  for more.

The empowerment you'll feel just by compassionizing and allying yourself with the healing and protective forces of the universe puts you on the side of the Angels - from now on, you'll only, by your very existence, create a better world and never again will you complicitly side with cruelty and injustice. Your soul will have been aspiring to something higher, and all of your selves will combine into a powerful entity - the one you were intended to be - and then your choices will all reflect only Goodness, then, know that you, as a source of goodness, will let what you decide carry enormous strength and energy.
(The reverse, siding with the wrong sides, ofcourse, will only rebound your plans and thoughts and energies back on you, so Compassionize first, that is, Veganize, which is to be spiritual, in deeds and not o nly in words.)

When you stop being weak, being a victim, and making excuses for why you do cruel things or allow them to happen and when you finally stand up for the helpless and innocent beings in our midst and understand that we, the human animals, were designed to protect and defend the helpless, then a revolution in you will be born and you will be an angelic force,  a deserving person, and then, when you proclaim your power to decide how you will 
feel, how you will behave, and think, then you will become the primary mover - not someone who merely reacts to other peoples' moods or to 

Then, you set your own mood, happiness, and claim it for your own, no matter what the day brings.

Then all sorts of wonderful things will follow - besides - wouldn't 
you rather cast rays of sunshine rather than shadows all around you ?

Choose to beam, like the sun - see Solar Realm -Soular Realm - and make the world a better place just by being here !


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