God's Money


Everything belongs to God.

In most cultures throughout history, the term, ownership, can 
only refer to God.

Native americans adhere to this universal principle, as do all spiritual cultures.

Native Americans know that it is blaphemy to even think of owning the land 
or anything else o n God'
s planet.

In Romani culture - commonly called Gypsy culture- no one owns anything, 
since God owns everything. Another wonderful facet of their culture is that 
cut flowers can symbolize only one thing - death. I, too, have always 
eschewed cut flowers, preferring only living plants. To kill such beautiful 
expressions of life cannot be loving, nor can it symbolize a gift in love.

Among most of the Asiatic realm, the spiritual traditions affirm that o nly 
God can own anything, and that we are all a part of God's property ourselves.

The Polynesian cultures and the Australian aborigines live their lives secure 
in the knowledge that we, and all creation, belong solely to God.

Just as we are only custodians of the wealth of our planet, of the trees, the waters, the air, and especially, the other animals who cannot protect themselves from our activities, just as we have assumed this sacred trust from the Creative Power, from God, to care for all the helpless in our midst - the children, the elderly, the ill, the infirm, the homeless, and all those who need assistance, money, too, is given into our hands for custodianship, in order that we use it in a Godly way.

In fact, only in the egocentric distortions of a combination of the legal 
legacy of the Roman culture, in which law was tantamount to spiritual values, Greek culture, in which the cult of the human reigned supreme, and the monotheistic tribal religions, such as Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, which is the European and American imperialistic imperative, alone, is the perverse idea of individual or collective ownership of land, resources, and other nations accepted.

The Hebrews also affirmed that o ne-tenth of their incomes should automatically be given in charity and that public service should be automatic, and the Islamic and Christian descendants of the Biblical tradition carry these edicts on- in tradition if not in practice. More and more, as people devote more time to their own little households and scrapbook-making rather than spending time giving back to their communities, we, and the nations wetouch and affect with our all-pervasive media, are themselves becoming more hedonistic, more self-serving, and less spiritual

One fact is known - our planet is in the writhes of death-throes. Apathy stops 
many from even trying. This makes her agony increase. Even if one can only 
alleviate suffering wherever o ne encounters it, isn't this worth doing?

We assume that our government takes over tithing with part of our income taxes, but it is less and less the case, given the present administration.

More and more, we ourselves must make sure that our money- which is never our own, but, rather, God's money which has been put into our hands 
to distribute, goes o nly to places where God would condone.

Stop and think about this.

Would you take, for instance, your parents� money and buy drugs with 

Even the hardest among us would take pause at this violation of their trust 
in you.

To use God's money- which is all/any money- in any way other than the 
way a perfect, innocent being made of love, in other words, God, would spend it is like stealing.

To use it to buy things which have been manufactured by children or slave 
labor, or things which have been made using soil and water-polluting chemicals, or things which innocent beings have suffered to test, or any food product which has derived from the body of an innocent animal is simply evil.

Take a moment to go to the Peta.org site before you go to the store next 
time. Print out a list of compassionate products to take with you, and keep 
it handy.

From now on, remember that with each purchase you can choose to help the 
planet, and therefore, to honor God, whose money you are spending.

If you adhere to only compassionate spending, you will prosper. 

You will be healthier, happier, live guilt-free, knowing that you are helping 
to alleviate suffering and to save the planet as well as honoring your own 

With every purchase, know that you are helping to heal the world, to protect 
innocent animals, and to nourish your own soul and body.

At the end of your life, you will be able to reflect upon the good you've 
done, o n the innocent lives you've saved, on the ways you've chosen 
to protect the environment, and thus, the wild animals and plants. What a 
lovely legacy! How wonderful to be able to say, at the time of death, that 
by your life you have been a blessing!

Spend God's money well. 

Set up an automatic gift for the Humane Society, for Peta, for Greenpeace
Don't give to organizations which test on animals.

Call a make sure before you donate to a disease-researching group, even a 
well-known one. Make sure that your money will only go to kindness.

Good cannot come out of evil.

Evil is defined as the absence of God - of Light - of Goodness.

Keep your own hands- and your soul - clean. Buy only compassionate products and research the charity you plan to donate to here making sure they only do good to and for all.

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