Creating Your Life - Creatizing Is Easy

Creatizing is easy

We all do it whether we're aware of it or not.

Focusing directs it more ably.

Autocrats are great at it.

Mystics, sages, saints, and the holy o nes are all ascetics.

What is asceticism?

To some it might signal that no-no that Americans fear worse than someone tampering with their cherished notion of free trade - self-denial.

Anything that smacks of coming between someone and his or her appetites is looked upon too often with horro, and whole societies - namely, the American ones - and institutions, have grown up around this fear of not getting enough to feed or fill an addiction to something not really good for oneself.

The concept of the seven deadly sins is one we don't hear a lot about these 


Because they remind people that what they toil for - the American dream - 
is in reality a portrayal of gluttony.

The old image of the cowboy standing alone is still invoked as a reason to 
pursue o ne's own life without a thought for others, and to feel vindicated 
in doing so.

Horatio Alger and all the rest of them usually got ahead o n the labor of others.

The morality of all of this is o nly a way to focus your attention o n why 
putting a loaded weapon in the wrong hands is scary.

Or a full bottle of alcohol into an alcoholic's hands.

Or a buffet-table-full of food in front of a fat person.

Traditionally, o nly the adepts - the trained students of masters in long 
lines of generational handings-down - had the secrets that are now opened 
to the masses.

I'm tempted to say the great unwashed.

Despite sounding elitist, which I'm definitely not - know that I'm using that 
term in the very real sense of cleansing.

The holy ones, the priesthoods, the mystics, the orders of brotherhoods, held onto these cosmic secrets for a reason -because they'd demonstrated their ability for self-control

Self-discipline and self-denial are the ways to streamline the soul and to 
purify it, to rid itself of coarseness, of things and traits and activities 
that would push this power into an evil realm, rather than into a good o ne.

Ascetics do not eat flesh foods.

They do not comply with or condone cruelty.

This is the first rule in being holy.

This ensures that the vessel - us, our bodies, the machinery, the soul, the 
will, our consciences, our actions, our desires - is worthy to weild the power and to call down, then, o nly good.

Only truly compassionate people can create wholly compassionate power and creations.

There aren't any short-cuts to holiness, really.

The way we're made allows for some splitting of our minds, and yet all of 
us knows inherently what is good and what is bad.

Whatever causes harm is bad.

Nothing will change that.

Think again if you listen to someone who has not yet mastered him or herself and has not become completely compassionate by being vegan.

Otherwise they're not worthy to lead or to show you how to create.

Otherwise what they're creating is not compassionate.

They sell books, yes, and they open doors, yes, but to where, and for whom?

I offer this in hopes that we will listen to the true mystics and sages and 
will prepare ourselves by the traditional means to become compassionate before even thinking of enacting the methods shown in "The Secret", and 
in other pop remedies so popular today.

Veganize, and you're already going to be more happy, healthy, better and 
younger-looking, more energetic, and creative, but you'll be automatically 
more spiritual. 

Just knowing that by every meal and every day you live you are mercifully 
sparing the lives of countless innocent beings whose lives otherwise would 
be cruelly torn from them and whose blood would forever be o n your hands and 
on your soul.


Be Kind. First, Do No Harm. Then seek to create the life you want. That's 
the win-win method to enlighten, to enwealth, to enhealth and to enspirit.


Cosmic Mermaid