We can, right here and right now, create.

Not just drawings, or writings, or artwork of any kind, not just recipes 
(compassionate ones, please

For your own safety when wanting to Creatize, please follow the yogis, the holy ones and the enlightened and make sure your body is purified as your purify your soul by eating only compassionately- see the urgent notice below), and not just stylish ways of dressing, 
but we can create protection and loving healing for those we love, including 
places, including far-off beings like those caught in unjust systems, our 
siblings, the other animals.

Picture your loved one, any loved one, whether a bear now in hopeless captivity, 
or a dog you see stranded in a rain storm, chained, or a starving orphan in 
a distant country.

Envelop him or her of them in a cloak of pink-white Light you generate from 
your own soul. Did you know that souls can stretch almost forever? Did you 
know that Love IS Compassion? Did you know that even if you think you cannot affect change, YOU CAN!

Send loving, healing, warming energy from the Love Source, which is God, 
the All, through your own body and thoughts directed toward those in need. 
See them now loved, petted, nourished, nurtured, healed, and delivered. See them always at their best!

See their lives improved, see your own loving arms surrounding them and warming them, healing them, offering them protection and nurturance.

To Give is to Heal. To Heal others is to Heal oneself.

Becoming a channel of Love is a powerful thing.

Learn to cast your net of Love all over the Planet, Sea, every day, many 
times, and send Love and your own Creative Power abroad.
Use yourself as a Channel for God's Love, like a conduit of Loving Light to Radiate into the World.

Perfect Love Casts out Fear, casts out darkness, and Light will always dominate over darkness.

Begin to exercise Goodness and Light every day, many times.

This is the primary form of Wealth, Health, and Prosperity.

Give to Live.

We must warn you that powerful systems like this MUST be used only in the service of goodness, generosity, and compassion. Otherwise, thoughts which are always things will come back like a boomerang, so only after having placed yourself into a wonderful zone of Light and Love by visiting 
Yoga Mermaid begin to create from your soular energy.

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