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The word I've created for this concept, clarifize, demonstrates the 
active participation of the will in deciding to see clearly - to push 
away the tangles of old belief-systems and propaganda that have marred your view, your thought patterns, and your ability to discern the truth.

To clarifize is to sweep the cobwebs away and to see as from a fresh pair 
of eyes, to learn to be like a detective in finding out what reality is.

Most live in a deep well of denial, other people's thoughts and admonitioins, and media-stoked ideas that stop o ne from being able to find one's own self, let alone one's own choice of beliefs.

Many go through spiritual depths of lost feelings at some points in life, 
hitting rock bottom and suspending or rejecting former beliefs in order 
to begin to find faith again.

The same process can also temporarily separate people from their peers, 
their families, and from other organizations they�d formerly adhered 
to. This is part of the growing process, anyway, but the traumas associated 
with this aspect of maturity can be avoided by becoming aware that we all 
see o nly through the screen of a filter littered with the thrown-out thoughts of others.

Becoming aware of this can enable you to discard all of these thoughts 
others have projected o nto your mind and to start anew, deciding this time 
what you'd like to be, to become, to believe, to feel, and to think.

To see clearly, to clarifize, is to begin to become who you were meant 
to be - not just the replica of someone else's ideas of you, not those of 

 the culture in general, the media ( which seeks only to pummel people 
into a buying mode - making you feel as if you must have whatever 
they're selling in order to be complete ), the institutions around 
you like schools and churches (it's advisable to find your own connection 
to God and to really feel your faith, rather than just sleep-walking through 
religiosity ), and mainly, your own family.

Disconnecting with everything you've thought is a healthy way to 
begin - just deciding to examine everything yourself, deciding to 
give yourself permission to explore just who you are, what you�ve 
done and why, and who you�d like to be in the future.

And, mainly, examine your heart - allow it to feel and enlarge in 
its' own properties of compassion, despite what the groups around 
you tell you you should feel.

Going Eco, or veganizing may temporarily make others around you feel uncomfortable because they feel guilty, deep down, for hurting animals, because they feel threatened by someone in their midst seemingly going against their own ways, 
and because they dislike maybe being influenced to change.

You can actually save lives around you by deciding to see the truth -
that eating healthily is the same as eating mercifully - and even 
one family member can lead the others to have and to enjoy decades more 
of life than they would have had if they continue to eat cruel foods.

One here at EcoMermaid had become vegan and through his example, his entire family became vegan during a period of three years. Their health issues became healed. They began to look so young and lovely and handsome that their friends began to ask why, to become vegan themselves, and they in turn were able to save relatives and friends -some from certain death !

Stepping forward and becoming someone new, breaking away from the norm, is heroic and can, like concentric circles, spread healing and happiness to many.

So, Clarifize today and learn better ways !

Swim your own way - Clarifize !



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