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The Mermaid Net

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Mermaids and Mermen stand for something.

They symbolize our shared concern for our o nly home - our Planet whom they call Sea.
We should too!
Now that we all know our Planet is over seventy percent water, it's the o nly name that makes any sense at all!

We're would-be Mers who love fairytales and myths, and who also love our Planet, the seas, the trees, our specie and all other animal species, including the fish we call The Mers, and who want to learn more about Mermaid and Merman myths, about the natural world, about our own psychology and about how to save our Planet!

So join us!
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We certainly have tons of Mermen too, and our mailng list is named in honor of the first Mer to come - swim - forward and to start the transmissions to Ocean found o n the, although now there is also a Merman transmitting, and found at the!
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Merman Blog



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We've asked our spokesperson/hostess, Ocean, to take some time every few days out of her busy music schedule to keep a weblog here at Ecoize. Several reasons have prompted us to ask Ocean for this favor, including the fact that she is so devoted to the cause of saving our planet. Also, not o nly is she gifted in music, which any who have heard her CDs can attest to, but she very ably explains the most important aspects of why and how to save the planet. Plus, she's o ne of the very few who stands up for what is good and right about our environment and policies. 
Ocean's Ocean.

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