Sex. The very word sizzles. Ssssexxx. Rhymes with hex for a reason. There�s 
something so powerful in the very concept, so beyond reason, so heady and 
unheady at the same time, that this potent , loaded, charged subject had to 
be addressed at EcoMermaid � famous for eco, for health, and for spiritual 
matters, as well as for fashion and hipness.

Sex � a word seething with fury, angst, excitement. Even when tangled 
with guilt, sex is the o nly act of primal emotion which is mainly legal.

At least we can usually act o n it, if handled correctly, the way we want, 
even if not always with whom we�d like. Not so with some of the other 
explosive primal, reptilian brain-sourced activities, like violence.

Although the consequences of rampant sex, or even moderate activity, can, 
these days, carry a death sentence, this urge we share with all other creatures 
both exalts us, when transported out of our minds into the realms of heavenly 
sensory realms, as o n an early spring night under a rapturously starry night 
lifted aloft o n the roar of heavy tides alongside o ne�s mate of choice, 
and can shaft us into the greatest of soulful torments, twisted blights of 
self-image nightmares, or torrential falls into other primary emotional conflicts 
like jealousy or envious rage.

Unconnected with the need to survive � at least, not in our own minds 
� rather, nature�s grand scheme overrides our own mentalities 
in order to carry out it�s own destinies through us � sex is both 
a raison d�etre and a recreational splendour, the very spice of life.

Sexuality begins in the nascent wish to be appealing, and in the innate attraction 
we all feel for good smells and for touch.

It graduates gradually, when spurred o n by wakending hormonal pushes in early 
adolescence, and grows into a lifelong obsession � the primary o ne, 
for most � hell, for all those who have enough to eat every day � 
for the rest of our lives.

It veritably hisses like a source of heat. It ends with the forbidden �x�, 
and conveys all sorts of hidden meanings. It is a word which needs no translation 
into any world language, and which always elicits a physical response, despite 
our discomfort in finding that our bodies have their own reactions, stimuli, 
and urges no matter what mind-control we practice.

Such an overpowerlingly potent subject deseres its� own page, and attention.

So powerful a word, a concept, that it makes all instantly erupt in either 
nervous laughter, shy attempts to avoid the subject, or bold interest.

Something which enjoys such a wide scope in each of our lives, as in the lives 
of all of the other animals o n the planet, something which can be used for 
good or evil, and everything in between, must be delved into here, under Healthize.

We all want to be appealing, to attract the object/s of our own desire, preferably 
the very ideal. As much as we want to be sexed, we want to sex. 

Since to give is to get, we�d like to answer some of your questions 
concerning this ever-prevalent force in life.


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