Become sensate and you'll not o nly be a more alive, more aware, happier 
person, you'll also become a better lover.

How to sensize oneself ?

Awake. Be aware.

Live. Breathe. Feel. Open. Touch. Sing. Dance. Express. Think. Move.

Basically it means to open your awareness to more sensory data your brain 
and body receive from everywhere constantly.

It means to enjoy life and to live it more fully.

It means not to dull your senses with drugs or alcohol, for instance.

Any chick - if you have a sister, ask her - will tell you-
high guys are low in the upright department.

High guys make lousy lays.

They're also boring.

Just try living your life for a change, whether you dwell mostly in your head, 
or in an obsessive compulsion like tv-viewing, or whatever. Remember, you'll 
have plenty of time to chill out in the grave.

For now, Vibrantize and Vibrize to come alive.

In the immortal words of Cher, - this is my o ne and only life. This is 
not a rehearsal.

Although we may live o n, there's o ne thing we know for certain -
we're here, now.

Take advantage of being alive and really live your life.



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