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safe sex

Safe Sex

As long as sex is used to obtain love, escape, and the possibility of security and companionship, as well as tension relief, there will be rampant sex. 
Add ignorance, the adventurous and the suicidal urge, and especially, mind-altering drugs like alcohol, and you will have rubberless sex.
Safe sex? 
No sex is really safe, outside of a trusted, monogamous, stable relationship, but there are ways to make it much safer.
Sex is dangerous today, but most people drift in and out of committed relationships � even those who long to belong to a soulmate.
Most people will never have a soulmate. 
This is just a fact of life, and o ne better faced. There are many ways to live a complete life, and most will involve being sexually active. 
Learning to ride the snake of love and sensuality in the safest way means learning first to deal with your sense of self-worth, learning to face the true facts of life, which are that deception and betrayal are a part of life too, and deciding ahead of time how you will respond to the allures of desire where they present themselves - and to be prepared - are necessities. 

Sex is an ever-present in our lives, and can be the greatest of ecstasies and simultaneously, a great danger. 
Not o nly to the emotions, to the body, but it leads too often to the creation of an unwanted child, making sex very dangerous to innocent children.
The first line of defense would be the very best birth control available.That is vasectomy.

It�s so easy and safe for men to get vasectomies that o nly a brief office visit is needed, and he can go back to work the very next day. See Then, voila, sex, safe from the man-snaring tricks of desperate females in the nesting mode, safe from ever having to contemplate terminating a pregnancy � a soul-killing experience and o ne which should never occur � safe from a life-time of poverty-level income or scraping up child support payments, safe from the extreme tying-down that parenting demands.

Safe to play. 
Safe to love. 
Safe to enjoy sex.
Vasectomy is he right choice for the planet, too.
Human overpopulation is ruining the world.
It�s not the pollution itself � it�s the volume of pollution caused by far too many people o n the face of the earth.
Few are mature and sane enough to be parents, and very few who will become parents have ever just stopped and asked themselves the big question � if this sex tryst I�m going for tonight results in a pregnancy, what will it do to my life?

If they would, few would take the risks most engage in while just wanting to get laid. See ChildFix. 

Following a real mother around for a week should squelch any hormonal urges a female might have. For a female, not o nly the very real threat of immanent death from pregnancy � a state which causes far more fatalities than the popular press would ever report- but the rational and data-proven fact that relationships suffer from having a third party � especially an utterly dependent and fun-killing o ne � interjected in between. 
Add to that the fact that most women will end up the sole parent of a child sooner or later, and that she will almost invariably end up not o nly putting the child in some sort of care, but will usually be condemned to poverty.

This bleak portrait is in stark contrast to the rosy pictures painted by the pop media, fuelled by the corporate machines who would like for everyone to breed and breed. 
Why? More people buy more things. It�s just that simple.

And more � single people buy more things because they�re more miserable.

Couples are happier � unless or until they have a baby. Studies prove that couples who are child-free are far happier than those who procreate.

During pregnancy, most of the philandering that husbands or boyfriends do is during that time. All men feel supplanted by a baby � it�s just a fact � and siblings would all prefer to be o nly children at least. 
Men seek out women for relationships for a coupling, a partnership. 
Very few men have the life-goal of being a father.

In fact, outside out outright lying to get females into a hot mood, or trying to please their familes by being contrite about the subject, or trying again to please the woman they adore, a man who truly wants to parent is exremely rare, unless it's for a fit-into-the-norm category, a career move, or a temporary form of insanity while he's in the throes of passion for a woman he'll later cool off to, o nce her belly is mis-shapen. 

Their priorities are very different from what our media machines try to tell us.And even for females, the old mother image is long outdated. 
Our specie long ago stopped needing replacements. Our planet is so overburdened with the overpopulation of humans that it is dying.Besides, the reasons that most people have kids are not noble. 

If they were noble in intent, then, naturally, they�d adopt o ne of the millions of starving and needy children in the world already.

To even think about having a child while others starve is purely evil.Face it.The truth is often hidden in the culture�s cherished old feelings which had been generated initially simply by the unavoidable constancy of the pregnant state.Women could not avoid being pregnant � and often � during their lives until very recently.

Now that we�re liberated � at last � the utopian dream of countless women through the long ages who�ve raised their tearful eyes to the sky and wished to be free of this continual burden of fear, as they�d deliver baby after baby, some dying, some living for a couple of years, while her body would age quickly � each time wondering if she, too, like a huge percentage of females, would die as the child was being born.

And now we have it. The ultimate gift � choice.

Choice has been made a bloody word by the Christian right groups, but choice doesn�t have to include abortion. 
We�re against it. 
We believe that pregnancies should be avoided. That the starving children should be adopted first, if someone wishes to parent, and that even then, parenting is o­nly for a select few and should entail stringent rules for the child�s sake.

The average person does not really want to be a parent. 
See ChildFix and take the questionnaire.

Pressure of the societies in which we live and the pressure of old cultural mores still carry a heavy momentum, and we�ve not yet stopped and pondered our new situation.

Like a hugely oveweight and giant runner, it's taking a while for us to stop, but stop we must - or our planet will die.

We have a wonderful tool to avoid pregnancy right now. 
It�s easy. 
It�s cheap. 
It�s completely safe.
And it�s fast. Vasectomy is preferable to tube-tying for women, because it�s uninvasive. 
Also, since women can easily control conception, and often without telling the truth to their men, and since women are traditionally the o nes who hormonally have yearnings to breed, and who in their misguided attempts to land a certain male might bring a pregnancy into the mix, it stands to reason that men should be the o nes who think about this first and prepare themselves.

After all, rubbers break every day. And every night.
Even using two form of birth control won�t make it not happen.
Taking the pill is nice, but not completely safe.
Also, as I said, too many women manipulate the situation to get pregnant o n purpose.

If this hard truth annoys females, then, too bad.
It happens to be true.
Statistics and all of our own life experiences prove that it happens far too often.Go to and find out more.

When most think of safe sex, though, they think o nly of the fear of disease. 

Rubbers don�t� protect against much. 
The AIDS virus can easily get through a rubber. 
People get sloppy when having sex, too, and get desperate enough not to use o ne anyway.There are many more diseases transferred by sex, from herpes to a cornucopia of STD�s, parasites, bacteria, and viruses. Also, fungi.
Even scabies!
Sex is not sanitary. Can�t be made very safe.
Hepatitis C enters often along with the herpes virus, and viruses are mutating all the time.
Having sex is a deep need that will be answered o ne way or another, and there is really nothing safe about it.
But maybe knowing this, facing that in this age, sex can really not be recreational any more, will make the sane among us learn to create and to maintain close relationships, whether hetero or whatever, as long as they�re monogamous.
We could profit from learning how to live together in our divorce-happy society.

As far as practicing safe sex goes, there are more aspects than the o nes mentioned above.
Sex is a potent thing. 
Sex can hurt your feelings, leave you feeling wounded and vulnerable. 
Sex can exhilarate and then ensnare you in addictive behaviors, can be used as a narcotic to chill you out, can become someone�s reason for living, o ne�s primary creative act, and can fill emotional voids.

Mis-used, misinterpreted, and misfired, sex can harm.

It can also heal, can soothe, and can be the best recreation ever.
But too much of a good thing can make you obsessive, especially if it involves seeking out ever new partners, seducing and discarding, playing at sex.

Sex really is never safe unless contained in the institution of marriage or a committed relationship. 
That�s why so much lip service is paid it by all the religions of the world. 

Sex is also in the primal realm. It�s an instinct almost as strong as survival itself.
It's wild, uncharted territory at best - even for the well-seasoned. 
And it has caused many, many people not to survive. 
Has caused murderous incidents and domestic scenes and always will.It pits man against man and woman against woman.

It�s a game of competition.It�s the mother lode of heavy emotional burdens and yet it�s the apex of human experience. 
It can be mixed with love or hate.I t can involve sport or playfulness. 
It can kill or heal.
Safe?Not at all. 
Sex ignites explosions of angst, pain, despair. 
Raises and pulls down empires. Inspires some to greatness and condemns others to misery leading o nly to suicide or homicide. 
Sex is the glue that pulls o ne generation o n top of the other and links the chain of life together.
It ties us to the primal in a stranglehold of insanity.
It keeps us primitive, raw, and steaming just below the surface, in everything we do. 
We cannot escape the power of sex and we cannot bury it under the dogma of religiosity or among the dictates of the barriers erected ostensibly to contain it. 

Forever will Lola Lolas bring down professors, and Mata Mari�s easily draw information out of marks. 

Forever will diatribes against it o nly cause more restraints to melt as its� heat radiates toward every living creature and punctuates every thought, every aspiration, of every generation.

It cannot be contained, it can o nly be acceted.

For the fundamentalists among us, whether Southern Baptist or Muslim, driving themselves crazy trying to keep hold of the tail of this tiger, it�s a losing battle. 

Kids won�t use common sense.
Few will wait. Fewer will stay virgins. 
And too few will even use condoms or any kind of birth control, however weak. 

To deal with the reality of this force of nature, the most intelligent among us will gravitate to vasectomies as the answer.
And to maintaining good health. 
And to staying sober when o n the prowl for partners. 
At least that, staying aware, could help make sure that you take all precautions.

Sex - Safe? Never.

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