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Here, SensualMermaid speaks openly about the matter closest to our hearts, 
love, and the matter closest to our bodies, sex.

We can find out how Healthizing enhances lovemaking, how sex, that most mysterious 
and powerful of animal activites, affects our own animal species, and draws 
us into the cosmic realms of infinity.

From practical aspects to societal pressures, from the liberating influence 
of love to the fears associated with the ebb and flow of desire, of popularity, 
of yearning and satisfaction, sex is tantamount in our lives after puberty.

As a huge fact of life, we at EcoMermaid know that exploring the awesome subject 
of sex is a healthy and a spiritual thing.

After all, sex can easily spell out life or death, and as such, deserves great 


Here are some illuminating articles o n the subjects of sex and sensuality �



Sex and Health

Safe Sex


Nothing takes the sizzle out of sex faster than pregnancy and child-rearing. Too many don't stop and think first about what their lives will turn into with a baby around. For the baby's sake we urge all of your hotties to read this - if you want to stay a youthful, hot dude or chick, with freedom and disposable income, if you want to keep your bellies flat and save the world at the same time, stay off the ranks of the selfish o nes who breed while countless orphans are starving - you will not o nly save your looks, you might possibly save your life ! And your marriage or partnership !
Those pregnant and mothery celebs in the media, promoting rampant breeding all have maids and trainers, anyway, and they work hard to get back in shape. Let's face it, just from the beauty angle, if you don't have a ton of money and constant life income, your future won't be shaped that way if you choose to have kids.
There are, thankfully, in our time, way better alternatives ! 

And - did you know that pregnancy and child-bearing pose great risks not o nly to your health and beauty and finances and spirit, but it is downright dangerous ? Dangerous to your survival, dangerous to your relationship and dangerous for the planet in general ? Thinking of having a baby ? Read 
ChildFix first and take the questionnaire.