Wellebration - Celebrate Life !


You can start your every morning, in your own handful(s) of decades as a 
living, breathing, Sun-absorbing creature in celebration of all you are, all 
you know, all you have, and all you experience.

It can o nly lead to wellness.

We at EcoMermaid like to call this a Wellebration !

To promote wellness, happiness, and prosperity, gratitude is the cardinal 
state accompanied with blessingness.

To bestow and to emanate blessings o n all life, all our planet, is the most 
sacred act of your day, and o ne you can join with millions of other beings 
in doing each morning.

Watch the birds as they celebrate their Wellebration in song to the dawn!

Watch the flowers as their faces light up o n seeing the Sun Shine!

We live o n a beautiful planet, The Sea Planet, and sending blessings all 
around the globe, and into the universe can o nly channel a feeling of wellbeing 
to yourself and your own body will respond with contentment.

Watch a cat as he or she greets the day in a window in your home or as you 
drive, walk, or ride a bike o n your way out to your office or school. They 
love each day, and enjoy seeing the gorgeous trees and just being happy about 
being alive. They�ll sit and pur, lick their paws in gracious thankfulness 
that they�ve been loved and fed, and that they have a home. Even the 
ones not as lucky, the ferals outside have a lovely appreciation of life.

Animals Appreciate Nature.

Just beimg, beingness, sitting in not even conscious contentment and enjoying 
existing is something we can all benefit from and which bestows a feeling 
of belonging, a feeling of being part of everything that is very healing.

In our quest � and we all have it � to either heal or to stay 
healthy � having a morning or evening Wellebration is a wonderful thing 
to add to your schedule.

Just taking a moment or two to be alone and just to absorb the vibes, just 
to survey the horizon, look at the treetops, adore the trees, watch the squirrels 
or chipmunks and birds, listen to the songs of the morningtime, and remember 
that the natural world is our true home.

Even better � appreciating that the environment � the Great Outdoors 
� and not the little cubicles in which we spend most of our time � 
is our true home � decide to spend a few minutes every day helping to 
save the planet. Go to DActivist and start saving all you love, including 
your own health.

For a loving exercise and a quiet Wellebration after you�ve had three 
good lungfuls of fresh air outside, stay out or come inside and do this quiet, 
Quick Blessing -


Sit or lie down and imagine a line between the third eye and navel, relax, 
notice your breath for a moment,

Imagine Light all around, healing energy, warmpth of the Sun, and Pure Lovingness.

Direct the Light Energy toward all areas of your body and exude Lovingness 
toward the organs or areas of your body that you may have neglected or that 
need help.

If you do not actively love and appreciate your able-bodiness, your functions, 
your digestion, your all, it cannot prosper as it was intended.

In fact you�d better love your life or it might go away. The same applies 
to all aspects of our lives. Appreciating is the key.

Some are in fact angry at parts of their bodies or organs and their functioning 
or lack of.

This, far from being neglectful, will cause that area not to function in 
obeyance to your intention, and also in hurtfulness of not being loved.

Think of all your organs as Spirits, as individual consciousnesses.

Maybe they are. Who knows?

The ancient Egyptians thought so and preached reverence for each organ.

To give yourself approval, acceptance, and love for each part of you is a 
win-win proposition anyway.

It�s yours. You drew that body, that organ, that circumstance, or created 
it or attracted it to you, so you might as well love it.

Take this a step further if you have issues with any area. Actively stroke 
and pat that area, loving it, sending it loving energy and approval and gratefulness, 
adore it as an expectant mother would pat and stroke her belly with the baby 
growing inside.

Your own organs and limbs are growing all the time and you are your own baby 
for life.
You�re the o nly o ne who will stay with you forever, and all your parts 
and machinery make up your vehicle, your abilities, and your talents � 
your very survival and beingness.

Bless all of yourself.

It will at least calm your own nerves and give you a moment to rest and to 
focus attention o n your own body and its� needs.

Being grateful for everything and everyone, practicing Blessing all, can 
only help you in every way, so start today to be a Blessing and actually to 
Become A Blessing.

Be Love.

This is really the most potent and the first Healing to do in your journey 
to Total Wellness.

Call it a Wellebration!


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