Tumble In The Jungle -Enjoy Life !

Tumble in the Jungle

Just try it for o ne month � get out and away by yourself or with your 
dog/s and/or horse/s at least for o ne day a week.

Really in a wild place, where you can breathe fresh air and just be around 
the world of other animals and of plants for awhile.

It�s like a mini-vacation, but a real o ne � with no o ne else to 
talk to, to give your brain and your mouth a rest, with no tickets to procure 
or planes to catch.

It�s a real breather !

Walk or run through woods, o n plains or deserts or along beaches � wherever 
you are right now � take advantage of your environment and belong to 
it � learn to know it.

There�s nothing more wonderful than running through an unknown forest, 
I think � and especially at night. Try it sometime. It�s o ne of 
the most beautiful experiences you�ll ever have.

And � do what I do � for as long as I remember, I�ve craved 
some time just by myself out in the middle of nowhere.

Tumble pic

Take off by yourself � drive a long way � have no destination 
in mind and just notice the beauty of the terrain around you, then drift along 
with your whimsy and wherever the roads take you.

Whether under a huge oak or taking a walk through a wildflower-filled meadow 
or by a swiftly running stream � just go there and walk around � 
or run � or sit or lie down wherever you please.

Be a part of the great outdoors � something we seldom make time for 
any more.

Smell, touch, taste � put some green, green grass stalks in your mouth 
� it�s ok � germs like this won�t hurt you! � 
even roll around like you�re a wild horse and revel in the feeling of 
being under an open sky and all by yourself � human-wise that is � 
and notice how many other beings there are all around you

Someday might be too late.

When you�re done � or rather, when your time is played out and 
you might be lying down inside just praying you�ll be able to see the 
outdoors again and look at the sky�just do it now.

Do it often.

Do it whole-heartedly!

Give yourself permission to blend in among the birds and flowers and buzzing 
bees, and let the deer in the forest go about their own foraging in peace 
and tranquilty. Feel at o ne with all.

This kind of ramble is not o nly good for you, it�s restorative like 
nothing else in this world can be.

As the natural world shrinks around us, at least get in touch with it while 
you can.

We�re blessed with a lush, very alive green planet with green forests 
and green oceans and green plants in both. Enjoy them. And protect them.

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