by Ocean

An enchantation has happened when we stop, holding our breaths, say, beneath a full moon, or when we've fallen under the spell of a gorgeous strain of music, or looked at a long-lashed beautiful baby calf.

To be enchanted is to be alive.

To live in wonder of the sensational miracles blooming all around us all of 
the time is to be blessed by enchantation.

To move with a grateful awareness that our bodies - whether a bit heavy, 
or not heavy enough - no matter what the skin tone or condition - 
are absolutely exquisite instruments of gaining experience, or transporting us to exotic locales or just around the corner, or allowing us to express our inner feelings and talents and love, is to practice enchantation.

To be Godly, to walk in reverence, is like being in a trance - like 
being enfolded in a magnificent glow of grace.

Enchantment is something more than a hum-drum existence. It's elevates life to a glorious plateau where infinite possibilities are approachable, where everything we do seems lighter and more fulfilling, where just being is enriched.

Allowing yourself the privilege of living in enchantation is all that is required.

It's not the goals that matter - it's the ride - the 
process - the getting there that's enjoyable and meaningful. Ends 
never justify means, and meanies never win in the long run.

Run your races, but live in the spaces.

Nature Mermaid reminds us, enjoy every day and remember - you are 
a part of every living being and of everything. We are all one and Cosmic Mermaid will explain much more about how to be enchanted along the way as her series explores our own inner spaces and how we are all connected.

Cosmic Mermaid

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