Nature Mermaid

Nature Mermaid

You're at Nature Mermaid's great outdoors - feel free to 
take your shoes off and breathe the fresh air - or, in the Mers' 
cases - water - and relax.

Take time to not only smell the roses, but to let the sun shine on your skin, 
to listen to the birds' songs, to just be.

Take a cure from our littler bros, the cats, and learn to just zone out every 
day - time for just becoming a part of the buzzing, hissing, vibrating 
whole of nature is essential to well-being, so stretch and lie down o n the 
grass in a park, or close your eyes and let the afternoon sunshine fall in 
on your arm, or drink in the perfume of the earliest blooms as you walk to 
work - something !

Explore ways to just enjoy life in the details.

At every stop light, gaze upward - watch the birds interact with each 
other in the tree tops or o n the telephone wires - they're amazing !

Finding awe in everything is the hallmark not only of an innocent soul, but 
of an interested soul.

That's why they say the best things in life are free - because, 
really, imagine you're o n your deathbed in some far future decade (we 
hope), and you have the luxury of sometime to reflect o n the armful of years 
you've been privileged to spend o n this earthly plane - do you 
really think the great bookkeeping you've done or the shopping time 
you've put in will make you feel you've lived a rich life?

A great quote says that - on one's deathbed, the one thing one 
remembers is the love of his dog.

We're all connected to nature - we are a part of nature -
and yet in our fabricated lives and cities, almost every building looking 
alike, interchangeable and sense-numbing, it's easy to forget.

We have to remind ourselves there is something more than the constant blare of the tv, or radio, or of other people, available to us.

Enrich your life by simply placing your attention on what's going on 
outside - on the myriad little universes just beyond the window - 
the dramas and the joyousness.

Just watching the wind combing through the loose strands of leaves o n a tree is a very moving experience. For real wonder, just go out under that same tree and smell the fragrance of the plants, feel the gentle pressure of a fresh breeze on your face, hear the communications of other companion species all around you.

It's energizing, just to be outdoors, and everyone needs some of this 
unconstructed time of wonder every day.

And- now that's it's so lovely - well, when is it not? Yes, the Spring is wildly beautiful, the Summer lush and hypnotic,  for many the very most beautiful time of year - the Autumn - get out there and collect some gorgeously-colored leaves and make some pretty collages! Or just collect them and put them in a vase on your table! And as for the Winter? Simply gorgeous - quiet, or raging, with the trees, stark and silhouetted against the snow or a wheat-colored sea of grass, every season is lovely.

Plan for it like others plan for a movie - when you see that the moon 
will be full, instead of doing your same routines, take off for a remote natural spot and bring a blanket, and someone you love, whether your lover or spouse or kid or grandma.

Notice how bright everything is, and how alive ! Notice that you don't 
need a flashlight - the moon is light enough. Look at your pal and notice 
how entrancing he or she looks outlined in the silvery light. See how the 
world is transformed in the glamour and mystery of the Lunar Realm. Hear the night sounds and just take in the spectacle of this other world that goes 
on every night while most of us stay inside.

It's so amazing how just taking a second or two here and there in your 
life to really notice and to connect with the great outdoors will do for you 
- before going to bed I always walk outside to breathe the cool air 
and to see what incredible llight show and panorama the cosmos has displayed. 
So often in those little moments, I see falling stars or notice how the moon 
has turned a different shade of pink, and I'm amazed at the wealth of 
beauty that exists all around us at any given time.

One lifetime is far too scant to register just how beautiful our world really 
is, and far too short to appreciate it.

Spend more of your days and nights out of doors. Take more moments to look out the window - or just to commune with a potted plant.

For you who have pets - highly recommended for the joy factor alone 
- just rampaging on a wild run through the woods with your dog or o n 
your horse is a study in ecstasy.

Holding your cat or rabbit and watching the rain falling outside is purry 

Having a whistly chat with your bird - or, if you're like me 
- dancing with him - makes getting up in the morning even finer 
than lying in bed listening to the wild birds outside.

We're natural beings, too, and not so very long ago, lived full-time 

You don't need tents or gear to be out of doors more often. You don�t 
have to buy special shoes. You do need to understand, though, that time is 
limited, and that, in the depressing but startlingly applicable words of T.S. 
Eliot - I have measured out my life in coffee spoons.., 
far too often people wake to find that their time has run out and they've 
had far too little fun, or closeness, or beauty.

Don't let that happen to you.

In our people-oriented world, and with the human overpopulation explosion this will be more and more true - we forget that humans were only meant to exist in small bands of ten or fifteen, and that we are meant to live surrounded by fellow beings or other species, and in the midst of a glorious profusion of species of trees and plants.

This was Eden, the early, the natural world.

And yet some of it still exists. Find it. Cherish it. Enjoy it. And leave 
more of it than when you arrived. Plant trees. Buy natural areas and keep 
them safe for wildlife.

Grow butterfly-friendly foliage and flowers, and build bird-houses.

Feed the squirrels and invite the deer - if they eat some of the flower 
beds, or trample your plants - so what ?

Find ways to enjoin nature to draw near you, and draw nearer to nature whenever you can.

Your life will be immeasurably enriched.

We still need that connection in order to thrive, so - spend more or 
your time just being - not goal-orientedly, like in an organized sport 
- I mean just in a relaxed, catlike way - just gaze at the clouds, 
or take a leisurely walk - not a power thing, no radios, please -
I mean just moments spend enjoying nature, getting out of your head and your habits, and being the pure primate you really are.

Add these moments of real connection to nature to your life and you'll 
find that you smile more -that your face will glow with a radiance 
that no blush makeup can provide, and that you'll realize just how awesome our planet really is and how rich you yourself really are, too.

Join NatureMermaid again soon as she takes us o n another ramble.

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