Mer Soul

Mersoul pic


Who�s got it ?

Everyone has a deep love for the sea. But having soul ?

That�s someone with something extra.

When we speak of singers as �having soul�, we mean they�re 
extra passionate and expressive, genuine, and charismatic.

Those qualities also describe those who live by their convictions.

Having MerSoul means actively loving the planet. Actively loving means doing 
something to save it.

Without action, you just don�t have soul � you just say empty 
words and don�t stand for anything. Valueless. If you have soul � 
you have value � you contribute � you count.

Make your lifetime count for something good. Make your legacy a meaningful 
o ne and fill your soul with deeds, not empty words � �by your 
works you are known�.

So, get that inactive, flat, empty soul and fill it with love, with good 
works, with energy and drive and integrity and make your life valuable !

DActivist  and get active today !