Mer Maidens - MerMaidens, Mermaids


Who put the maid in mermaid?

Maid, from maiden, indicates a virgin, i.e., someone who has not had a child.

Mer, of course, is another word for sea or ocean.

Someone who remains childfree, therefore, even if married, or sexually active, 
remains a �maiden�, and mermaids, being ever-beautiful, slender, youthful, are, of coures, child-free.

Also, fish, which mermaid are, always lay eggs, and that�s how they 
procreate! They are not mammals, meaning they do not have to bear, so they 
may remain ever young and beautiful and slender !

Also, for those of your who may have been misled by some artworks or myths 
to think that merpeople are not fish, realize that if merpeople were mammals, 
due to the necessity of staying warm in the water and safe in the pressure, 
they�d have to, like whales, dolphins, seals, and other sea mammals, 
be hugely rotund and covered with lots of blubber.

We in this century prefer to have our beauty standards more healthy, thus, 
more slender, unlike the denizens of many other centuries, who, oppressed 
with hunger most of the time, conjured the image of the zaftig goddess types, 
including mermaids, thinking that any ideal would of course be able to gluttonize constantly.

For those unfortunates of earlier ages, the threat to health was not overeating, 
but in having enough to eat at all � ever.

Now, though, with most diseases in the U.S. stemming from the epidemic of 
overeating and particularly of the most unhealthy foods, naturally our ideals 
have shifted toward what is healthy and safe for our bodies, so, there is 
the slender mermaid who would always have had to be slender, in reality, no 
matter what, due to her fishhood.

For those who would be mermaids who, being mammals, would like to become more slender and youthful, fortunately, the mermaids have shown us the way !

Even if some of our EcoMermaids have already had children, the good news is 
that with the right attitude, idea adjustments, and a little pretty head-turning 
toward deciding to Veganize, we can also Beautifize, regardless whether we�re 
maids, maidens, guys or whatever !