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Green Mermaid

Green Mermaid, like Green Merman, is a product and service award and classification that let's you know that the item or group or service is designated as planet-friendly, compassionate, and healthy!

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    Valentine's Day! February 14, 2009

    I'm wild about your Valentine's Day idea!�We love it! I've shared info about it to many of my fellow Mers, and some of us celebrate it too!

    Love in all forms is beautiful, and we especially love to make sure that all the beings we love are happy, so the Mers, as usual, swim around - some of us o n night shifts, and some, o n day duty, to make sure that no o ne is caught in a drift net, or has anything horrible, like a hook from a careless human fisherman, somewhere, or even a piece of plastic around him or her.

    This morning, as usual, I found several guys in trouble, and I was able to - with the help of my new boyfriend, free them ! This is love - love, of course, is a meaningless word without action.

    We can say we love someone, but unless we care for them - meaning take care of them, be there for them, help them out when needed, and actually add to their happy experience of life - making sure that they can enjoy all the benefits of life that you do - without that, there is no love.

    Do you have a pet ? Are you o ne of the lucky o nes who gets to share life with another soul of another specie ? How great ! Do you make sure his or her water bowl is as clean and filled with as clear and clean water as you yourself drink? Right. That's love.

    Do you put yourself in his or her place in your mind - thinking about how it is to live their lives ? How it is to want to communicate so badly and not have the same throat or mouth or teeth or skills to just tell you what they would like or what they feel or think or need ? That's love - to "walk in their shoes" (or fins ! or belly ! or shoesless paws !), to "Do unto others" the same as you would want done to you. This is what love is. It's called empathy, sympathy, or compassion, and this is what the word love means.

    Naturally, the lovey-dovey kind, the smoochy, romantic kind of love is cool too - or hot, should I say ? In our world, hot is cool, so...unless we're right o n the Equator, well..My beau and I are going to swim to a romantic spot, eat some delicious seaweed together, as the sun sets o n the horizon, then swim out to a quiet lagoon and just, know!

    How about you?

    If you're young - very young - make a time to spend with someone you love - like your pet - and make sure it's a sweet and special time. Or visit your Grandparents, or a pal, or call them, or do something nice for your parents, maybe. Perhaps you o nly have o ne parent. Would you think about making their Valentine's Day special somehow?

    That's love.�