Fitness Mermaid

Fitness Mermaid

Especially for females, fitness is a must.
Men, too, of course, need to be fit for health and longevity, for mental health and for physical, but let's face it, females crave the extra fat-burning that only working out can bestow!

We have here at Fitness Mermaid's Sea many links to info on how best and most easily - as well as the most fun ways - to attain beauty, health, and fitness!

So stay limber, flexible, keep moving, and join us o n our quest for Ultimate Fitness!

So move those buns, so that they won't get flabby!
Men somehow have been raised to know that physical fitness and sports, outdoorsyness, and all are fun!
So psyche yourself out, find what turns you on, whether jumping rope or trampolening, running outside or in place, dancing or doing kung fu, wrestling or boxing, buying a workout tape and watching and moving along with it every day, pilates or aerobics, tennis or volleyball, playing kickball with your pets or your kids or your spouse, whatever!

Nothing has to be boring and nothing fits everyone!
Find what absolutely seems like fun to you and get at it!
You might find ping pong way more fun than going to a workout class.
Get a door or a long piece of plywood, mount it o n two yard chairs, buy a little net, paddles and balls, and viola! You're there!

The key is to have fun!

As long as your body is moving, your mind content, your joy showing and you're into it, you're working out! Call it having fun and playing outside or whatever it is that makes you feel like it's not work!
Anything but the word "class" or "school", which obviously is a major turn-off, can be used - find what words you like the best and apply them - hypnotize yourself into that old feeling you used to get when you'd hear the word "recess" or "school's out!", and then do it!
Skating? Swimming? 
Whatever it is, do at least o ne thing every day - it's easy to find something physical you enjoy to do each day, and your health will blossom!

Plus, your shape will shape up!

You'll tone, envigorate, energize, and youthen too!
Plus your Joy factor will be huge!

So join Fitness Mermaid every day, remember to have fun, and view all physical activity as the great gift it is!
Being mobile is the greatest gift we have, after all! 
Embrace it!
Thank God for it every day!
And get your move on, which is getting your groove on!

Also, using music is another trick to making it all fun, so play music while playing or even sing and dance! Prance, pose, be silly, whatever it takes to get that inner child inside to come out and play every day!