Veganize - Veganizing Is The Way To Enlightenment

Veganizing as a Spiritual Tool to Enlightenment 

Many seek enlightenment.

There are no short-cuts, despite the pop books sold on TV shows, and the 
other informational arenas.

Actually, there are, but they won�t lead to anything you would want.

And - there are great risks if you don�t get to enlightenment 
via compassion.

Any feats of manifestation you might achieve will be short-lived and may 
lead to areas you absolutely do not want to go.

Why do you think that each and every mystic sect of every religion in the 
world advocates absolute physical purity for adepts? An adept is someone 
who is consciously pursuing, learning, preparing for enlightenment, often 
studying with a Master.

The reason is simple.

You are what you eat.

You are what you think.

Any hypocracy will lead the wrong direction.

The selves must be aligned.

You cannot hide either from the spiritual world or from yourself.

While doing harm, you cannot conjure goodness.

It�s that simple.

So, if you cannot muster the necessary love � the compassion � 
that would protect other beings from your own carnivorous flesh-eating, 
bloody appetites, how would you pretend to approach a peaceful, Godly, spiritual 

First, clean the blood off your hands.

Become not a murderer by proxy, become not a corpse-eating vessel of graveyard 
vulgarity, purify your temple - that is, your body, your instrument 
for enlightenment.

You are the Holy Grail.

You are the Vessel.

Meant to be a Sacred Vessel - a Worthy Vessel.
Make Yourself The Holy Grail by Becoming Compassionate!

Your body is a machine.

It runs o n electro-magnetic energy.

If fuelled by compassionate, clear, clean, alive foods, like greens, vegetables, 
nuts, seeds, and grains, if you make sure that the food is organically-grown, 
fair-traded, carried compassionately and treated kindly by you, by your 
thoughts, and with gratitude..

If you clear your body of other toxins like bad thoughts, angers, intoxicants, 
medications, drink pure water, even avoiding caffeine, and demonstrate self-discipline in harnessing your appetites, and if you ask for Good forces of God to enter your Temple, your body, and to live there, then you are following the time-honored traditions of the Great Sages, Prophets, Saints, and Masters.

To operate out of something less than Compassion is to invite other than 
good forces to enter you.

Vile, dark forces are conjured and entertained by blood foods, by meat -
by murder of innocent beings whose lives have been cruelly curtailed, who 
have been housed in dark warehouses and constrained by tiny cages and treated cruelly, transported cruelly, and killed - their lives stolen and 
brutally murdered out of them by an evil industry that operates solely o n 
monetary numbers and offers not o ne bit of compassion to these very similar 
animals to us. 

They feel, they care, they nurture and mother and appeal to our souls.

Our souls know it.

You cannot betray your own soul and hope to find short-cuts to salvation.

Don't listen to the apologists who have created all kinds of excuses 
centering around sacrifices of innocent beings, like Jesus, whose Message 
which He made entirely clear was of one thing - Compassion -
and who instead was taken, cruelly tortured and then crucified and made 
instead to stand in for us, to take our guilt away.

He had offered a Way, He had offered His life as an example, and yet, we 
killed the Messenger and ignored, twisted, His Message.

Your soul knows the truth.

You cannot fool it or hide from it.

The selves inside you may play games and seek excuses for your soul appetites, for your acquired habits, but if they violate Compassion, they will never offer you the Enlightenment you seek.

Follow instead the examples of all the Compassionate and Great Masters 
of the ages, and purify your body and your soul.

You will feel your selves all fall into line, to alignment, and your soul 
will breathe a sigh of relief as you become, finally, a genuine person practicing 

Throw away the excuses and Veganize today!

Through history, it was not as easy as it is now, and there are many Saints 
who had to actually go to the countryside and eat weeds in order to keep 
their bodies holy and pure.

Become genuine.

Practice what you preach � which is, usually, compassion and love, 
or what is preached to you.

Practice what your soul has been trying to tell you all your life, every 
time you�ve looked into the eyes of your fellow beings, into the sweet, 
huge, soft brown eyes of cows you've seen along highways, into the 
eyes of little, innocent pigs you've noticed at red lights, contained 
in trucks going to hellish slaughterhouses, in magazine articles where celebrities 
have been fighting for the rights of chickens whose beaks and claws are 
cut off and who are packed in so tightly that they cannot move for their 
entire lives, into the baby eyes of veal calves, stuck in tiny boxes where 
they can�t even turn around, let alone sit up, into the eyes of geese, 
those sweet little birds, locked in warehouses and force fed by large metal 
tubes as they choke and struggle, although they�re tied, and whose 
throats are raw and bloody, into the eyes of dairy cows whose udders are 
constantly bleeding and oozing pus due to constant clamping of those milking 
machines, and whose hooves are splayed and broken due to constant standing 
on hard, cold, concrete floors, whose babies are torn away into those veal 
crates -

You knew about it all instinctively.

You learned more as you grew up.

You loved them all at birth, and through all your childhood, and then, one 
day, someone told you who exactly was o n that plate, and your soul wrenched 
in horror.

That soul has never calmed down and never will.

Feed the soul inside you instead of the evil glutton you�ve become.

Stop being a ghoul who robs the life out of innocent victims and eats dead 



They are one and the same.