Self Mangement Is The Key To Freedom - Article by Ocean


                                                 by Ocean

Meditize - Article by Ocean

Since some of us rankle at the mere word "discipline", we like to use "management" instead.

Add how odd the phrase is - and yet due to the multiplicity of selves within, and the overall capacity of the will to control the others, it makes a sort of illogical sense.

Not only appealing to your highest self, but activating it and embracing its' capacity to lead you to better places, submitting to its' wisdom, and allowing your willpower to serve it, will open you up to the benefits of powers o n high.

The oft-mentioned third eye, can open only through the concentrated power of the self via meditation or by extreme physicality, and sometimes we are blessed with this gift, but most often, people must exert effort and spend time in training themselves to control their thoughts and emotions.

Seemingly a paradox, directing your attention, intentionizing, and mastering your emotions, harnessing their wild energies to serve your decisions, which is achieved only by self-discipline, will set you free.

In other words, by effort and perseverance in taming your own base instincts, by taming your own appetites and behaviors, you will become free. Your emotions will enslave you and will lead you to ruination if allowed free rein.  They will run your life and get you into realms you do not wish to dwell in if you don't master them.

They're always working - either for you or against you - but are never at rest.

Self-discipline, self-knowledge are the keys to the life you wish to lead.

Ignoring emotions is perilous. Dealing with them in positive ways is the answer. You must let you emotions speak, read them, let them out, otherwise they will brew and fester and poison you.

In all martial arts,among Native American traditions,and in all of the religious and spiritual traditions, the object is to master the emotions, and to make them serve you, otherwise they, the shadow self, will make you the servant.

Master yourself. Self-mastery. Seen everywhere. Seldomly understood.

And even more rarely, appreciated as it should be.

After all, pre-programming via our DNA is very strong, as are environmental forces such as the family we were raised by, our input from the media, and our cultural mores. 

And yet, the gift of freedom of choice is ours to make of ourselves who we wish to be - and the key to that is simply mastering self-discipline, breaking through habits and the force of stasis, and enforcing it upon ourselves, whether we like it or not.

So, embrace it, honor it as your main tool in gaining excellence, and go for it!