The truth is, even trees are not static. They bend. They grow.

Rigid adherence to ideas and plans lead to tyranny.

Intransigence is dangerous.

Being stubborn leads to rigormortis, literally.

Like the great dictators of history, few of whom died in bed, staying 

on one course, rather than going with the flow, is against your material and your spiritual natures.

The cure ?

Stop it!

Open your mind. 

Consider the other side.

Your life depends on being more flexible.

Diplomacy and mutual respect are the signs of wisdom.

So, stop thinking like a stupid child and examine your beliefs, your stale ideas and your habits today.

The whole of life is a gray area.

There is nothing in black and white or written in concrete.

Adapt and thrive.

Learn and advance.

Vilifying some and sanctifying others who are measured by an ideal you hold onto with white knuckles won't allow you to prosper.

Any true religion or philosophy has as its' goal the freedom of the 
spirit and aligning of the soul with the All.

Mindless adherence is a product of laziness - the ones too lazy to investigate life and the soul on their own merely adopt what was taught them - or of having been controlled and manipulated either by families, institutions, or the media.

Break free of others' thought projections and find your own path.

Where would we be if Jesus and the Buddha, Lao-Tze and other spiritual heads of religions had not gone their own way ?

It does not mean to discard your morals and values, of course.

To follow your own path means to wander through ideas and beliefs you've taken on face value and to make sure they feel authentic to you.

Examine, for instance, scriptures of religious texts on your own as if you'd never read them before.

Find authentic translations - the original ones - for instance, 
of the Bible.

King James and others had changed pivotal words to distort the original texts through its' long history, whether out of ignorance or of human prejudice, and too often our teachings have come down to us twisted into an entirely different direction than had been intended.

Jesus was a holy person, an Essence, for instance, one who would never touch cruelty food. He was a vegan.
Also, no one even pretending to be Godly would ever have eaten or condoned cruelty food. 
To do so would mean that that person advocated worshipping a demon, not a God.
Only demons dabble in blood and murder of innocents and of carnage.
Compassion is the by-word for any authentic Godly mission, missionary, or a Diety Himself.
Jesus' whole message was Compasson for all beings.

Examine your own soul and use Compassion as the standard for every choice you make in life and you'll be free, happy, healthy, and you will, by your life, make the world a better place.
Compassion is the way to live.

To be cosmic and to live safely, be compassionate in all your choices- veganize, which is to compassionize.