Huna - How To Hunaize

Huna  Hunaize



Huna is the ancient Hawaiian system of spirituality that has given us the 
universally friendly term, Aloha, plus other well-used words 
like Kahuna, and some lovely concepts that are popularized in 
many self-help books on the shelves.

To simplify the already-simple teachings, huna basically asks us to recognize 
the sea of spirit all around us, to acknowledge it as part of us and as our 
helper, to allow love to stream in and through us, and to be compassionate 
and thankful.

There are many other depths to fathom, but for our purposes, this simple 
form of huna will hunaize us all and make us more aware of the light and love 
we can all reflect from our Creator.

We'd love to see everyone's heart, soul, mind open and embrace the fact 
that we are all one, and that only compassion will heal ourselves and more 
- will heal our planet.

Please listen!

Huna knows best.

Thank you.

How to Hunaize?



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