Deck Of Cards

Deck of Cards

           Article by Ocean

Every day we waken and figureative have a lapful - every one of us - an 
absolutely full and overflowingly sum of cards.

Each represents a wonderful something we possess or have use of or are privileged to know.

Many are Face Cards, with your family's faces, one by one, including your pets, on each. 
One is, for instance, your spouse.

Another, the plants in your garden.

One is the ability to pray, the talent for sketching, discernment or wisdom, 
that great style of dressing, the winning smile..

You get my drift.

Don't think of them as real cards in a finite deck - no -
these are magical.

Some glow.

The more important ones are completely filled with light.

All of them are precious.

The order changes each day, and every day new ones appear , some are 
opportunities and other disappear ,like the morning glories that blossom 
once in the morning and then fold.

This is the constant flow of the life-force.

Each one has its' own gift and blessing and lesson to bestow.

Each is there for a reason.

Many you were born with. Often we lull ourselves into believing that all those cards will always be ours, throughout our lifetimes.

Some are absolute gifts.

Either you've prayed for them or they've been a gift out of the 
great beyond, responding to your own subconscious wishes.

To cherish each is the reason you and I and all of us are alive.

To learn to say to the universal spirit, "Thank you!"

To appreciate all one has, every day.

There is always, always something to rejoice about, whether it's that 
you can run, be able-bodied, have a great voice, own a beautiful home, or 
have known the love of an entrancing canary once upon a time.

Whether it is having access to periodicals and being able to read, or 
that you have had the teachings of a great parent or that your soul is expanding 
daily or that now you finally believe in God or have good friends or a job 
at all.

There are so many blessings in all our lives!

It's really outrageously arrogant and ungrateful not to feel thankful 
for every breath, as even those who've been imprisoned can tell you.

One can choose to be happy with what one has every second.

Why not? Anything less is a great loss to you. Every day is a blessing.

Focus on what you have and love it, even if it's fat thighs or an unruly 

What you focus on expands anyway, so it's only to your benefit to see 
that glass as half full of water and bless it all.

I was touched by the photo of a horrific sight - a Mexican truck making 
its' way along a terribly hot highway, carrying a very much overloaded 
number of pigs o n their way only to a grueling and tortuous end of their grueling 
and tortuous lives. In the back of that truck, on the sunny corner where he 
was by far more sun-burned and hot and thirsty than all the others, jammed 
into a sitting position that probably felt awful against his sensitive skin, 
bumping along with no stops, no rest, no respiste from the blisetering sun, 
and yet the little pig had a determinedly pleasant aura about him, a saintliness in spite of all. 
He'd had so little in life, had had not much of any value to depend upon, and now was terrified on this long, painful journey to a cruel death house.

Pigs are very intelligent and sensitive. They've been proven to be smarter 
even than dogs.

He had never had the benefit of outdoorsy fun, or of kindness or respect, 
had never had even the smallest toy to engage his considerable mind, and yet 
he knew this was his life = as far as we know for sure- his and our 
one and only life - and he was sitting there making the most of it, 
counting his blessings, looking at the other pigs in his community, thinking, 
maybe praying thanks to God as all other beings except for our own specie 
do every day, being grateful for fresh air, for just being outside, for just 
being out of the horrible warehouse where he'd spent - had his 
entire life stolen from him - what we'd all know as a miserable 
existence at best.

If this brave little pig as beautiful as any being and as perfectly formed 
could manage to be grateful, can't you?

Remember him, and go vegan. Veganize.

And that innocent life was stolen not in order to nourish someone, but his flesh will cause slow death and suffering in humans who consume it. We humans thrive on vegetarian foods, meaning those that are plant-based. Flesh food of fellow murdered individuals kill those who eat it.

Your health, your soul, your life will benefit as you benefit other feeling, 
intelligent beings and choose to save their lives.

Get active too, and make the lives of farm animals better by helping us to 
lobby for better laws protecting them. See 
Care2 .

You'll live a better life and feel better just knowing you've 
helped another being who cannot help himself. We who know farm animals personally know how kind they are and that they'd help us if they could.

Also, to think that - as so many made-up excusers for evil behavior 
have it - any Holy conception of God would allow, condone or sanction 
the taking of an innocent life when we were designed to eat only vegan foods 
and even directed to do so in Genesis (see the Hallelujah Diet people at, - is like, well, you'd be worshipping an evil god if he was a bloody god, wouldn't you? A demon, in fact.

We all know that compassion is the basis of all religions that are not addressed 
to evil demonic gods. And, naturally, the test of any true religions is this: does it condone violence toward any being? Does it employ cruelty to any innocent being? If so, then we know it is not of God.

Jesus was the embodiment of Compassion, a vegan holy man,whether you believe, as I do, that He was divine or not, and some of His words had been purposefully distorted in translations in order to accommodate peoples' erroneous and cruel lust for blood and murder.

Even if you continue to defend your actions in denial and to eat flesh food, even if you continue to harm yourself with animal products and allow yourself to be brainwashed by the cruelty industries who do not care that you yourself will suffer and die of diseases from eating flesh foods, at least demand that our humane laws already in place are enforced for these innocent victims of money-making greed - 
please take a moment to at least ensure that the lives you're choosing 
to take, that these innocent beings who are sentient and intelligent, family-loving and caring, just like you are - just take a moment to do some good for these helpless animals - that they're treated well while they're allowed to live, transported humanely, and killed humanely.

Thank you.

Help Farm Animals Here