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All those who are fortunate enough to open their hearts to the truly innocent souls in our midst - to the other animals - are given the great 
gift of knowing what God's unconditional love is all about, for only 
the other species can know this. This is the greatest of so many teachings 
that other animals extend to us humans. Showing us what complete, utter caring is - for love is really the word for caring. Taking care of, giving 
to, active flowing of concern for another - this is the real meaning 
of the word "love".

Love without action, without the active flowing from one's heart, is 
"as a tinkling brass"- it is nothing.

Some have the mistaken notion that giving love, that accepting another specie in one's heart and home rather than others of our own breed and animal family is somehow slighting God's teachings.

As a Christian, I can see that in Jesus's time since so few knew how 
to read, He chose to come into our world in the clearest possible imagery 
to show how he felt and wanted to convey about the nature of love and acceptance.

How plain could He make it illustrated? He chose to be born in a stable, 
among the humblest of animals, the so-called farm animals, the 
beasts of burden, the ones used for their milk, their hides, their all, and 
yet these were his nursery attendants, these were the loving beings among 
whom He wanted to belong.

Later, Jesus not only carried the sweetest and most pure of all baby animals, 
lambs, but He also identified Himself as a lamb, and further - dictated 
that no animal sacrifices should ever take place again.

He chose to ride on an ass, later on, and while most translations mistook 
either on purpose or by error, the word for a wheat product, replacing it 
with the word, fish, Jesus was well-known to be a vegan.

Holy men now, as always, are all-compassionate, and Jesus was God.
Naturally, any condoning or act of cruelty would be impossible for Jesus.
Otherwise, naturally, He wouldn't have been perfect, or Godly. Or Compassionate.

He, who always associated Himself with innocent beings, with other animals, understood the nature of humans, of our primate old reptilian brain, of our confusion and the long millinea of cultural evil that had taken us far from the Garden of Eden, where we were family with all other species.

He powerfully reminded us of our real natures, and yet still today people, 
addicted to the wrong ways and attempting to defend them, mostly go against His direct teachings.

As Freud observed, humans are capable of only conditional love.
Unless - unless the power of God is invoked to help us find our true natures 
again. This is Enlightenment. Enlightenment equals Compassion.

Then, compassion and love for all of God's creation returns, we know 
that there is no difference to God between any of His species, that we're 
all animals, and should be proud to be so, that we, as the only capable on 
earth of saving the world for Him are meant ,as was proclaimed in Genesis, 
to take care of the planet and all beings on it, that we had the responsibility 
to take care of it
for Him, and again, the mistranslations have caused so 
many to excuse themselves from this, in the twisted word which they read as dominion, rather than responsibility as it was written.

Let's all return to this, be enfolded again in the real words of Jesus, 
in the words of God, and save our planet while we still have a chance.

Let's think of how to nurture and protect every being on the planet 
with every choice we make, and every resource, every day.

Let's use the brains God gave us for something good - for why 
He gave us the capacity to reason, to create, to save.

Of course, all religions are meant to be interpreted this way, and whether 
Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, Animist, Shinto, or Buddhist, Humanist, or any other 
of the thousands of religions on earth, all the compassion in the texts and 
traditions say the same thing - be compassionate, honor all other animals 
and all places, use o nly what is kind, what is necessary, leave this life 
better than when you arrived. It is not o nly good, but necessary now.

Nature has shown us how vulnerable our planet is to even the slightest changes due to our carelessness for it, for all. We who know need to grow together, to affirm our similarities and to form a great nation of environmentalists, of vegans, of animal lovers, of plant lovers, of activists in order to save the world we were given by God to protect.

Let's be good again, let's get into God's Grace!

Let's save His world!

It all starts with Caring. Be kind. Veganize.

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Being around beings of other animal species allows us to find out what real enlightenment is all about. They, unlike we who must learn it, are blessed with the abililty, like God, of feeling pure, unconditional love! Embrace all your opportunities to be with your friends or familiy members or even strangers among the other animal species! They can teach us LOVE