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Cosmic Mermaid Is Your Guide Through The Cosmos

What is the cosmos?

According to the dictionary, it is "the universe regarded as an orderly, 
harmonious whole."

What is being cosmic?

It is defined as "Of or relating to the universe - Infinitely or 
inconceivably extended".

Expanding one's consciousness to include the reality - that we are all one - is one of the major themes of EcoMermaid. See Yoga Mermaid 

Meditation 1, - Expansion.

Our own Cosmic Mermaid embodies this spaciness, not like an apathetic air-brain, but in the sense of someone who's aware of things, who feels deeply, and whose circle of love surrounds the galaxies. 

Being cosmic also means keeping the channels open to the beyond, and being more than intuitive - being an active part of creation.

At Cosmic Magazine, we investigate the aspects of universalism that create 
a world community.

We also explore international themes and find out how to tune into the music 
of the spheres.

We all have untapped powers, and entering the space between thoughts will 
take you on inner journeys as you connect with the cosmos.

Yoga Mermaid and Spirit Mermaid deal with similar themes, but our Cosmic Mermaid takes a different route to openness.

Cosmic Mermaid's path to enlightenment guides you through enlarging your thoughts and beliefs, opening your mind and heart and soul, healing your spirit and body, and enlightening you, so that you will find your own direction and will prosper.

Keep swimming back and float into Cosmic Mermaid's Sea as she guides 
you through the mysteries of the cosmos.

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The Birth of the Universe

So compelling, so moving, that it will bring tears to your eyes - the Hubble viewing system has traveled back far, far in time and has glimpsed the Birth of All Creation in its' master lenses. See this and weep - What was born in all perfection, and the most exquisitely beautiful Planet, Sea, given to us to protect by the Divinity who started it all, we need to protect with all our might, now.
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