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EcoMermaid is pleased to announce that Ocean, who is also the BookMermaid, who has kindly consented to allow us to post her stories and artwork here -  the author of Story MermaidMyth MermaidFairyTale Mermaid, and their associated Seas of literature and drawings, has agreed to keep a section o n her books here at !

Just in Time For Halloween, Ocean's Gripping Novel, The Sea Wraithe -" A Thriller Suspense Horror Book We Adore For It's Chilling Effect", The Sea Wraithe Is Now Available !

Are there things that exist that humans prefer to disbelieve?
What of the ultimate femme fatale?
What could the most celebrated surfer in the world have to worry about?
Why does reality sometimes bleed into horror? 
What if death is the only justice ?
And is love always a good thing ?

Ponder those things while you immerse yourself in Ocean's great answer to what do you do on Halloween, after the candy's gone ? 

You bite your nails and read!

Highly recommended! This girl can write!

We all love books !
Yes – all of us ! Even if it’s only picture books or magazines, or even my favorite – comic books – or even just games (most of which have myths as their major themes ),we love ‘em ! The MerGirls and MerBoys of Ecoize have some favorite picks – and we invite all of our MerNation to elect some too!

So, like our own Book Mermaid, stretch out or curl up with a good read, get your nose into a book and let yourself get absorbed and entranced by the magic worlds inside the covers of some trip to the unknown right away, and read your way to parts unknown ! Ahoy ! Anchors a-weigh !

Ocean's New Fairytales !

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Myth Mermaid is our Mer authority, and she’ll be bringing you more and 
more stories and tales – ah-hum, tails, that is – about the Mers 
as we go along!

And soon, there will be the Mer books on your favorite bookstore shelves! We’ll be offering some Mer ebooks right here in the next few months, so enjoy the stories, and swim back often to find out what we’ve learned about the Mers!

Also, The Sea Wraithe, by Ocean, -the scariest AND most eerily romantic novel since Wuthering Heights, is o n the way! We'll be carrying it in our own Book Mermaid section in - we HOPE -  just a few weeks! Written by o ne of our own Eco CelebritiesOcean, we're still so impressed with it that we have goosebumps even now!
Chiling and Thrilling! Intense!

Keep Swimming!

More About Ocean

Ocean is a Writer of Fiction and Non-Fiction, Books, Stories,Articles, and Poetry.

Further down are some exerpts from some of Ocean's books - 

Ocean's new novel, The Sea Wraithe, is a nail-bitingly scary suspense thriller novel of obsession set in the surfing community of Malibu, California, in the late eighties, during the time when surfing had just begun to become a worldwide cultural phenomenon.

It's anti-hero, the protagonist-antogonist combined, is a character you will never forget - like Emily Bronte's Healthcliff, if he'd been a pro surfer,  and his part - when this book becomes a movie - is one any leading actor will kill to play.  The ultra-shocking, contraversial ending to this novel will have you talking about it for years. See below for more 

Drawing on her background of world travel for many settings, Ocean often writes about the coastal community in which she was born. as only a native can do. 
Well acquainted with the Hollywood scene and with New YorkCity, European countries, Africa, and other far-flung areas of the world, Ocean is able to conjure rich images of places and people she's encountered, adding a lush dimention to the intriguing plots that she invites us to follow.
She writes in several genres, and enjoys being versatile, writing both fiction and non-fiction, drama, suspense, fantasy, informational and even humorous works.
Ocean was named for the ocean, and uses only her first name in the arts.

Ocean's Main Site is Here: 

Mermaid Blog, 

Ocean's Writer Site is Here : 

And Here Bookize

and another Ocean Blog Here: /


Sites Ocean contributes artwork and articles to: 


Ocean Interviews, Magazine Features about Ocean, Ocean on the Covers of Magazines, etc.

A Great Magazine Interview With Ocean Here At 

Ocean's Art Site : 

 This feature on Ocean's books is from a Celebrity Interview site:

"Ocean, the notable singer and composer, is also an accomplished author in mainly the suspense thrill sci-fi horror genres, who dwells in a land not unlike that of Stephen King's Twilight Zone of imagination,spooky thrills and surprise mind-warping plot twistings."

Swim back to get your copy !

"And - Ocean's OTHER new suspense thriller ! - Well, let's just say this about it - Look out for what you Fish for - it just might....

It will have you suspended above an abyss you will NEVER forget!

How does a sweet girl like Ocean create these strong, strong, and wrong, wrong characters that are SO scarily REAL ?"

              All Artwork on This Site Are C. 2010, by OceanTM,, Inc.

Ocean, named for the ocean, uses only her first name in the arts. 

A surfer, Ocean also cares deeply about our environment, and volunteers for wildlife rescue. Compassion, she believes, will save the world.

This is an exerpt From An Interview on Ocean's Writing:

"My interests ?" Ocean mused in response to the question, "I am interested in so many things! But to narrow it down, I suppose my main things are nature, first, always, travel, other cultures, surfing,of course, being at the shore, rescuing wildlife - I volunteer wher-ever I am - the arts in general, and health and fitness. I'm a veganfor compassionate reasons, and I have an interest in assisting others in their quests for total healthiness."

Numerous websites have posted Ocean quotes, since her writings on health and beauty, as well as o n compassion and spirituality, are followed by a growing number of people.

How did you begin to become interested in becoming a writer, Ocean?

"A fan of thrillers, I remember being very small and finding an old paperback of o ne ofGraham Greene's novels called A Burnt-Out Case, and I was so intrigued by the settingin deepest Africa, andby the main character, that I became forever enthralled with mysteries, characters that were out of the mainstream, and with exotic locations.", Ocean states. Ocean also loves crime mysteries andis writing o ne at this time, as well as penning another nail-biting horror suspense thriller.

"I adore non-gruesome, suspense-driven vehicles, whether in book or film form, and I write very visually. I always see the film version of whatever i am writing while in process." 

Also an avid student of history and anthropology, Ocean has traveled quite a lot. "Other books that have inspired me both to travel and to write are the Alexandrian Quartet by Durrell and Kazantzakis' works, and even the European Hemingway and Fitzgerald books of the twenties have been a source that had 

initially sparked my interest in literature, and I have a vast list too numerous to mention here, of other works I love."

What are you working o­n now, Ocean?

" I'm putting the last touches o­n a vegan beauty and health book
and have almost finished a novel about a character who is love-
addicted." Ocean responds. "Other works inprogress include an 
historical novel putting a new twist o­n the way most people think 
of a certain famous character, an epic trilogy in the realm of fantasy 
for all ages, and a serious novel about o­ne of the most tragic aspects 
of our civilization in this age."

It sounds as if you like to write several books at o­nce - do you?

"Yes, acutally!" Ocean, laughing a little responded, "I get what 
I call 'transmissions' from some little part of my brain o­n o­ne 
storyI'm writing or another, and I am compelled to add them at 
the moment,so I use a cool portable typewritery thing that is 
lighter than the smallest laptop, and then I feed it into the 
computer when I get to it."

You write in so many genres, unlike some authors, but it seems 
like you enjoy writing.

"I do - very much", Ocean answered. "And just when I think there
might be a time between books, another idea or character will
merge from nowhere, and I become entranced enough to follow 
the call."

Ocean loves writing poetry also, and her first book of poetry is entitled,
 Mermaid Tales.

Personally, Ocean spends her free time playing with her pets - all
rescues - and being at the beach. She also enjoys painting and 
drawing, music, travel, and volunteering for great causes.

One Of Ocean's Family of Rescued Dogs, Cats, and Many Others Playing Soccer with Her

Ocean writes articles on a number of subjects, and is considered an 

expert in the fields of veganizing, of health and fitness, beauty, style, 

on animals and wildlife rescue, pet care, and on spirituality. Ocean's

 interest in world history, anthropology, and psychology, as well as 

mythology from many cultures, plus her own world travel, has given 

her a unique perspective to draw upon in her writing.

As the author of several books, in both fiction and non-fiction, 

Ocean's enjoyment of writing makes her articles fun as well as 

informative. Ocean also writes in several genres, from suspense 

thrillers to fantasy, mythic adventure books, and her sea stories, 

found at,

are suitable for younger readers, who especially enjoy them. 

Among Ocean's themes are her own system of wealth 

attainment, grief counseling, self-help, and articles on spirituality.

Here are only a few of Ocean's hundreds of interesting 

articles :

And Here are Ocean's Cosmic Articles and The Ocean Blog

Ocean is producing some philanthropic and informative projects 

and invites people who are interested in widlife and in saving our 

environment for the future to join with her in making sure these new 

projects get produced immediately. There is a great need for these 

beautiful films.

Ocean's Project For Wildlife Film Shorts

Ocean, who uses only her first name in the arts, is a singer, a 

songwriter, and a producer, as well as a writer and artist. She

 is well acquainted with saving our environment, green living, 

and ecology, and, being a vegan, with health and fitness. She 

volunteers to rescue wildlife, and has a compassionate interest 

in improving conditions for everyone.

Ocean's devotion to health, green and eco causes, and her 

compassion for all animals has led her to become vegan. 

She has assisted many people in learning more about 

healthy ways of living, in addition to volunteering to 

help rescue wildlife.

Ocean’s primary project now is about public service short 

films featuring wildlife:

Her songs about various animal groups will be played behind 

beautiful footage of actual wildlife in their own habitats. She 

will donate copies of these works to various channels, as 

film shorts, in order that they be available for fill-in spots, 

which all TV channels and film channels desire - especially 

PBS and other community stations, as well as schools and 

other institutions, who seek quality educational and inspiring 

films. The purpose is to spotlight the beauty and grace of our

 world and its’ wildlife and to show people just how precious 

and rare each specie is.

Ocean would like to share her ideas with Angel Investors who 

would also like to bring attention to the need for conserving our

wildlife and our wild places.

As a producer, Ocean has learned to be judicious and economical 

with funding, and how to be a leader who can bring a project together

in am economically quicky, cohesive and concise manner.

Ocean has many more entrepreneurial ideas to explore of ways to 

help people, our environment, and our world in general.


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