Mermaids - How To Mermaidize !


No, we're not talking about being crazy for Ethel Merman, or even about being man-crazy, but for Mermen!
Mermania refers to two very inter-related things - being in love with The Sea, and also crazy for All Things Mer!
Meaning, Mermaids and Mermen - The Mers, to be exact - Finned Beings in general - all Fish - and especially those so mysterious that they keep us guessing about whether they really exist or not!
Yes, being fascinated by The Mers is very common in all our Mer Seas, since we have resident Mermen and Mermaids - well, almost - and also, now, with the Mermaid Blog, we have actual stories and myths channeled through a human from Real Live Mers!

So swim around all our Mermaid Seas and our Merman Seas, and especially, follow the Mermaid's Tales Here at the Mermaid Blog, and listen to the Siren's Call as she actually speaks to us at 
The Mermaid Podcast!

We love Mermaniacs Here!



Beauty Mermaid

Mermaid Beauty

Queens of the Waves

Grief Mermaid

Health Mermaid

Spirit Mermaid

Eco Mermaids

Sensual Mermaid

Vegan Mermaid


Yoga Mermaid

Myth Mermaid

FairyTale Mermaid

Story Mermaid

Green Mermaid

Nature Mermaid

Cosmic Mermaid

Youth Mermaid

Mermaid Eco

Princess Mermaid

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