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Help Chained Dogs Now

Help Chained Dogs

Let's help chained dogs!

Sign this Petition

Sign this Petition

Sign this Petition

Let's create humane laws!  Lobby your representatives! find their emails,phone numbers and addresses here -

And meanwhile, when you see a dog chained, do this - make friends kindly with the owners - and very nicely offer to do things, like bring toys, a doghouse, food, offer to take the dog for a walk or to train him or her for the person, or other services to create good will for the chained dog.
I just bought an igloo, a pad and a cozy, warm bed for the inside, a wooden deck for the doghouse to sit o n to keep it dry and off the ground, bags of dogfood, toys, and a comfortable halter rather than the neck collar that was hurting him, plus a longer chain that weighed less, a big piece of wood to shade the afternoon sun that he couldn't escape otherwise, eco flea control and vitamins plus healthy food, for a chained dog since the owner would not let me find him a home or adopt him - the man was grateful and now views the dog as more valuable and, since I've been understanding about his own situation, has even started to think about taking his dog for walks - we can always find ways to help individuals who need it, and we can politely inform their owners about how to take good car of dogs and feel compassion for them, while we're changing the laws!

also, donate dog houses for chained dogs o nline here -

keep up with legislation o n chained dogs here -

keep up with it all at-

help them now - how?

Please remember - often times, people who have dogs chained in their yards don't really know how to treat dogs, or as in the case of the dog above - the parents of a grown son who had left his dog with them while he traveled had no experience with dogs and were afraid to have him in the house, didn't know how to train him or even play with him, and weren't physically able to do so.

Some have dogs merely as burglar alarms, and don't think of their welfare.
If we're very nice and understanding, often we can reach these people and make them feel compassion for their dogs, and we can offer to walk them, to train their dogs, and to even do other errands and services to help the people.

If it's an elderly person, perhaps they cannot do much or afford much for the dog, and they don't understand that the dog needs outings, walks, runs, free time, love, warmpth, or any of the things we know dogs need and crave and deserve.

By being a polite ambassador for the dogs, you can be heroic and instrumental in creating a better life for chained dogs, so please join us in doing this two-fold campaign - o ne, to help chained dogs wherever you see them, and two, to help us create laws to protect dogs from being chained at all.

Dogs Deserve Better.
Please go to and read how you can help sweet doggies who are chained become free.

Return to .

And, psychologists say, that people who are less than compassionate toward other beings are starving themselves for some compassionate attention, so direct some toward the people who are in charge of dogs that are chained up - remember to demonstrate kindness and politeness at all times when helping other animals, and you will be able to help the whole situation.
Envy and a twisted sense of retribution - "I wasn't treated fairly, so I won't treat anyone else fairly either", often plays a part in these chained dog scenarios, or " I'm tough so I don't have a heart - to show sympathy is to be soft", or " I'm the o ne you should feel sorry for - no o ne cares about me", and all of the above are symptoms of neuroses, so being kind to the person is the way to help the helpless dog under his or her control.

For Dog Health Issues 


For to be free is not merely to cast off o ne's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others. - Nelson MandelaBe an EcoHero or EcoHeroine today - Help a Chained Dogand All Other Animals Whenever and Wherever You Can.