Love Is A Verb - Article by Ocean

Love Really, Truly Is A VerbĀ 

To Love is to exercise one's choice, and yes, some are much more easy to love than others, nonetheless, as Jesus showed us, the goal is unconditional love, even for our enemies, and can generated by simple willpower.

Love is an aspect of our possible states of being - yes, I said "being" - not feelings - that can be exercised just like a muscle of the body, and needs to be if we are to thrive.

Along with our morning ablutions, setting aside even just a moment for adjusting ourselves while we stretch, for, hopefully, contacting and connecting with our Creator and for murmuring a nice "Thank you" and then a nice, "Please channel Love into my whole life, into my whole body, and into my whole life - Please make me a beacon of Love that I may beam Love as your sun beams radiant light", can be a lovely way to waken to a new day.

As John Gray says, we can lift up our arms to Heaven and allow God to fill us with Himself, or with Love, if you will, since they are one and the same, and instantly become a part of Life, rather than a black hole, leeching away at God's world - we can become an assistant to God and can fulfill our daily missions for Him!

By the way, doing good, being goodness, feels good too!