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Supplementing with good quality vitamins and nutrients is the difference between feeling just so-so and feeling great!

It is not enough merely to eat good food.

Let that soak into your head for a moment.

Even eating the most excellent fare available o n our planet today � a mostly raw, organically grown diet of organically-grown fruit, veggies, nuts, and seeds, still - because of the paucity of nutrients available in any soil today, and due to the extreme need of our bodies today to have extra force to eliminate the toxins we breathe in, swim in, drink in, and take in each day, despite our Healthizing measures - you need to Supplementize.

And with what? And with what kinds?

We will explore the answers to these and many more questions on these pages and in our EcoEzine newsletters and EcoUpdates. And keep visiting our own VMermaid at Veganize to learn more.

For now, make sure you have a good quality multi-vitamin and mineral supplement along with a good vitamin C every day.

Buy them at a health food store and make sure you get their best brand - ask the people who work there.

All vitamins are definitely not made alike, or even out of natural ingredients.

Forget those cheap vites at cheap stores. They won't assist you in getting and/or staying well.

Saving money on the main things that keep you alive is absurd. Spending a few extra dollars per month will ensure that you get the nutrients you need, so splurge o n yourself in this way.

The new shoes can wait - after all, prioritizing and facing truths - which we at EcoMermaid are all about - can save your life so you'll have a healthy body and active feet to put shoes o nto !

Besides, you'll want to wear less when you feel great and look great too.

Supplementize, along with Veganizing, and you'll also Beautifize.

And visit our Wealthize and Nature Mermaid sections next month to find out how to enrich your life even more !

Exciting News ! EcoMermaid will be offering our very own EcoSupplements and EcoVitamins Soon ! Keep Swimming into our Mermaid Sea !

Vitamin Facts
We'd Like To Make A Point on All Our Pages Of Three Vital Facts:

1. All People, Including All Vegans And Vegetarians, Need A Supplement Of Vitamin B12, And We Implore All To Use Sublinguals,( Dissolve Under The Tongue) For Vitamin B 12 Supplementation. Why? Because B12 Does Not Easily Gain Access To The Body Via The Digestive Tract. Also, We'd Like To See All Vegans And Vegetarians Use A B-Complex Vitamin. Source Naturals Makes A Fine Multi-B Sublingual, And Twinlabs Makes A Nice B12 Subling. In Fact, All People Should Supplement With A High-Quality Multi-Vitamin And A C-Complex. (why doesn't our need for B12 make us think we were meant to consume meat? Because long ago we got adequate B12 from our intended diet, that of fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds, and then we started cultivating grains and altering them, and our bodies largely adapted to the situations and also to the prevalent cruelty consumption later, just as our bodies had adapted to having adequate Vitamin C, and now we must supplement it if we don't consume enough fresh fruits and veggies daily.)

2. All Should Consult A Physician and And We Endorse Holistic Physicians And Naturopaths Who Use Nutrition, Supplements, And Alternative Approaches As Well As The Usual Approaches To Healing - A List Of Your Closest Holistic Physician Can Be Found At Acam.Org.And consult with a professional before Engaging In Any New Physical Activity. And we implore everyone To Gain Knowledge Of Your Own Body Needs Via Testing, Especially If You Are Currently Health-Challenged.No Radical Changes Should Be Employed For The Weak, Ill, Or Elderly. We Endorse Slow, Comfortable Changes To Diet, To Engaging In Exercising, To Everything. Your Body Loves Good Changes, And Yet Needs A Little Time To Adjust, So Love Your Body, Give It What It Needs, Which Is A Slow, Kind Transition Toward Healing And Renewal. To Avoid What Is Known As Healing Crises, Is Another Reason To Take It Slowly. This Is When The Body Is Finally Becoming Free Of Accumulated Waste And Storages Of Toxic Matter. To Do Any Quick Cure, As Is Sometimes Recommended In Times Of Great Threat From Disease, Please Consult A Holistic Doctor, A Naturopath, A Specialist In Asian And Indian Healing Traditions, Or, Preferably, All Of Them. Maximize Your Chances In Cases Of Emergency. After all, wouldn't we get several opinions for almost anything else? What else is as important as o ne's own life or those of loved o nes.

3. Supplementing with magnesium can improve your entire body's overall health and healing tremendously. Calcium deposits o n bones, clogging organs, especially the kidneys, already overloaded with excess protein in most people's cases, due to the cruelty diets they've been eating must be balanced and cleansed by redressing the calcium/magnesium ratio.Veganizing will correct all your imbalances. 

Consider becoming compassionate in all your food choices today!

Get Slender Now and How!

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Note: Disclaimer - As with everything here or o n any other site, in books, magazines, or word of mouth, every body is different, every situation different, everyone's understanding and possible dosage or brand or circumstance is different. Use many sources of knowledge. Check all out and learn yourself.  Read. Educate yourself.And check with a holistic physician or naturolathic physician or other health practitioner first before embarking o n exercise regimens, supplementation, herbs, or other remedies.Good, plain, simple organic fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds are the true way to health.These suggestions and the information shared is meant to be supplemented with other sources of knowledge and applied with ordinary caution.As with anything, anything can happen to anyone anywhere any time, so, just in case, even water in sufficient quantities can harm, so always use common sense and read labels, do not use anything new if you have an o n-going condition without first checking it out with a pharmacist or physician.