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Less is More

Less is More

We’ve been urged to over-consume by all those wishing to profit on 
our excesses.

Especially in America, land of the corralled buyers, we’re bombarded 
with ads, so-called studies, and other propagandistic promo that forces us 
to believe that o n a simple sandwich, piles and piles of goo and heart-killing 
fats and death foods are mandatory.

Actually, have you ever tried a sprout sandwich?

Yes, a sandwich with, maybe, Veganaise, or a dash of Bragg’s Liquid 
Aminos, or just some simple organic olive oil and Bragg’s Apple Cider 
Vinegar and a little Celtic Sea Salt?

It’s not o nly completely filling, but it allows your digestive system 
to operate, unclogged-up with all those extra and body-arresting cruelty foods 
you’ve been lied to about.

You don’t need all that protein. In fact, it harms your kidneys, in 
addition to causing all your energy to be centered in your gut, where the 
blood is pulled in its’ desperate daily task of doing something with 
all that garbage and those dead bodies you keep throwing into it.

Also, just the toxins in those death foods will lead to, well, you know.

Along with the hormones, the adrenaline, and the blobs of fat your bloodstream 
will be having to deal with, while it navigates through your weakened veins 
in an attempt to rid itself of these things your body was never designed to 
manage, you place heavy burdens o n your vehicle, in addition to burdens o n 
your soul.

Just like you can’t fool Mother Nature, you can’t fool yourself.

Inside, you know right from wrong.

You know that taking advantage of the weak by the strong is not just wrong, but it's evil.

You know that taking the life from an innocent and helpless being is against 
everything you’d like to believe about yourself.

You know that you cannot divide your morality.

Either you’re good, and you do good to all of the helpless, or you are 
without mercy, and evil.

Those things are simple.
Your mind and your heart knows it, and your soul feels it.

Rid yourself of those putrid and dead corpses you’ve buried in your 
own body, cleanse them out by eating o nly compassionate, pure plant foods, 
and then gauge how you feel after o ne month.

Even after o ne compassionate meal, like that sprout sandwich o n toasted sprouted
grain bread, like Ezekial bread, found in the freezer of your health food 
store, then see how you feel.

Add a cup of miso soup, if you like, with some fresh cut-up garlic, and maybe 
a few cubes of tofu and a handful of freshly chopped herbs.


Also, add a glass of stevia with ginger powder and/or cinnamon – doubly 

Finish with a cup of green tea, and you have a meal fit for royalty!

When you stop eating like a sewer and clogging your system like a stopped-up 
drain, you’ll feel tremendously better and your body will find time 
in order to heal and to repair those above-mentioned weakening veins, along 
with all your other systems.

You’ll begin not only to feel better, but to look better too!

Win-win-win-win situation!

You become kind, you eat kindness foods, you feel great, and you look great! You live longer, stay fit and able, youthful-looking, and happy too!

Veganize  today!