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To be really healthy means to have all the vibrancy, the vitality, the energy, that your body is capable of giving you. The o nly way to attain this is to eat the foods which were intended to feed your body - and also - to stop putting toxic, dead food into your system which can o nly slow down digestion, wear and tear your body and looks, and advance your age. Instead - reverse your body's age and turn back the clock, become fit, vibrant and glowing, and begin to have fun again!

The Healing Cure: Remember, you cannot build your healthiness, or your happiness, o n the misery of others.

Following the Golden Rule - Do Unto Others o nly What You Would Have Done To You, will heal everything for you, and for your life, and our world. The ultimate win-win!

Veganism answers the needs of your body totally, but Vegetarianism is, for many, the way to get there. Please reconsider Vegetarianism if it includes dairy which is the very worst thing you can put into your body.
There are so many healthy, compassionate alternatives that do not pose the dangers dairy does!

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Did you know that 40% of America's Hamburgers are from Cow Mommies?
That's right, from the Sweet, Dairy Cows who are slaughtered at age 4, when they should be living to decades! And that they're treated horribly for those brief 4 years!

It's an outrage! All of us, whether we're carnivores or not, demand good treatment for the "farm" animals!

Save Babies and their Mommies.
Go Vegan.

Save their lives and your own!

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Tips on Going Dairy-Free!

Go Dairy-Free With Me !
Going raw - to 
Rawize- is the most healthy diet of all, and if you just begin to have at least o ne meal a day of either raw fruits or veggies, you will begin to feel the benefits of a really healthy diet.

Healthize Articles

For healthy people, veganism will promote retained youthfulness, vigor, and flexability. 
To start being more healthy, go to 
Health Mermaid.

For the health-challenged, veganism is a must. If you or someone you love has a health challenge, please see many different practitioners of differing types, including Chinese herbalists, acupuncturists, Ayervedic specialists, nutritionists, and, of course, holistic physicians and naturopaths. Allopathic solutions are available, and using more than o ne method and getting several specialists in these alternative fields only makes good sense. Your intuition will guide you. See Disease Fix.

Naturally, though, stopping the toxic inflow of hideous dead foods and poison drinks is the first step.

Just thinking outside the norm will begin the Healthizing process. Just as going outside the usual health establishment will save your life, so, too, opening your mind and heart will cleanse your spirit and renew your soul.

Even those with degenerative diseases, such as AIDS, (see 
AIDSFix), often beat this disease with combinations of dietary improvements, spiritualistic evolvement, and the right exercise and environment. 
Vegan Mermaid for Veganizing ideas, and visit Yoga Mermaid to Yogaize. Go to Disease Fix for more.

For those who are living now with an addiction - and most of us are, whether of food, relationships, control, whatever - take heart in the fact that there are supplements and nutritional assistance which will allow you to let go of these suicidal crutches and at last become really free. See Addict Fix.

For everyone, lifestyle changes are freeing, and become exciting journies of the spirit. 
Join us here and throughout the site to Healthize! You will Vibrantize ! And even 
Beautifize ! And Youthize !
Getting more beautiful or handsome is a side benefit of treating your body right. Even if you do it o nly for your health, just knowing that you are eating compassionately will give your spirit a boost - See 
Spirit Fix - and Veganize as you Happyize, more of your love will be available to give to others and to care about the very most helpless among us, the animals.

To set aside even just o ne day a week to begin your journey toward good health will inspire you with your great energy and with the taste of delicious veggie and/or fruit meals. 

Best of all, you will be able to feel the inner nourishment that just knowing how really good it feels to know that, at least o n this 'beauty day', you will have saved the lives of animals, as well as saved your body the wear and tear that the average diet inflicts upon it. Not o nly that, you will have helped to save the planet ! 

You will feel and look so good that you'll want to 
Veganize more and more !
Every meal, every choice you make to help your own body by eating vegan meals, saves animals' lives, and helps to save the environment. See 
This will restore your own soul. See 
Yoga Mermaid for more o n this aspect of healing. And visitSpirit Mermaid.

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Vegan Mermaid
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And for a fresh point of view, visit Nature Mermaid !

Also, learn to SpiritFix and Healthize at the same time at our own 
Yoga Mermaid
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And for a hot section on sex, see 
Sensual Mermaid ! Yes, sex is a part of good health too.

And - did you know that pregnancy and child-bearing pose great risks not o nly to your health and beauty and finances and spirit, but it is downright dangerous ? Dangerous to your survival, dangerous to your relationship and dangerous for the planet in general ? Thinking of having a baby ? Read Child Fix first and take the questionnaire.

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