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Vibrant Health ! Vibrantize !


Vibe. Vibrant. Vive. Viva.

Vibrant. Vibrate, even.

All of these wonderful words come from the old Latin word for"life".

And yet, they connote something more active, more passionate, and much more exciting than just surviving.

To thrive, let alone survive, we want to be vibrantly alive!

To Vibrantize is to embrace the passionate and vibrating NOWness of the moment!

It means to dance out of the doldrums and the tediums of everyday life and to realize that, right here, right now, everything is not o nly fine or bearable, but it's absolutely fantastic!

Tall order? Sometimes it is.

But what if I were to tell you that you can achieve this ecstatic state any time you choose?

Yes. Choosing is the feat.

We must first feel deserving, and then, give ourselves permission to feel the innate joyful state we were meant to dwell in, and to pass our handfuls of decades (if we're lucky to have that many) in splendrous vibrant union with the ALL.

Of coruse, there are other things to help us along, like the right supplements, the right foods, and by the way - CNN just reported, and even the networks, that - what EcoMermaid has been telling us all along is true - a vegan lifestyle bestows health, slenderness, happiness, and long, beauteous, and yes, vigorous life to us.

So, Veganize today.

You'll Vibrantize.

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Take it from this Adorable Birdy who knows more than most of us do - Life is a great gift !
Enjoy it every moment! Vibrantize !