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To Give Is To Live

To Give Is To Live!

"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single minute before starting to improve the world. "
~ Anne Frank ~

How wonderful to, unlike this sweet, lively, energetic girl who never got to spread her wings over the world she so loved, and to help to enhance it, be able to have the freedom, the time, the energy, to use the love we were all born with to Compassionize the people of the world!
It is the people who need to be reminded of the sweetness inside them - the natural love we are all born feeling for all our fellow animal beings, including other humans.

The role of any true religion or philosophy is to remove the callouses covering the heart and soul of a person, and to reveal the true Spirit inside - made of Compassion for All - and to heal him or her, who will remember the o neness of the World and will be Enlightened, will then want to help to alleviate suffering every day of his or her life!

On this New Year, make a pledge to be Compassionate every day!
Through the miracles of technology, we can click to save lives! To create donations!
See these sections of Ecoize for some now!

Help All Animals Every Day and We Help Save the Environment Too!

And we can click o n sites with ease to send emails to save lives!

This Site and Sign More Petitions to Save Other Animals!

And go here:

And it's so easy to donate our time, our energy, our money, ourselves -, to express love, to help, to save lives!

To Give IS To Live!
Start really living !

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