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Sound Can Heal

My Darling Rini Singing

Sound can Heal

  by Ocean

Healing with sound?

They've only known that sound can heal in the West for a few years, and, as usual, the more ancient cultures have understood and have employed sound healing for millions of years!

Just now discovering the fact, practitioners might use it more often if they knew what we musicians have always known - that sound vibes bathe our bodies and souls in beautiful waves, that sound never fades - emanating forever into space - and that surrounding oneself with glorious sonics like the ones provided by the Beautiful Bird above not only enhance life, but bring glorious, glowing health. 

Just try being sad with one of the singing birds around!

Or with meowing or purring cats or with joyously barking dogs!
Or the mesmerizingly gorgeous sounds of Nature!

Those we dwell in noisy cities already know that sound can do the opposite, jarring our psyches and moving through our bodies like beatings...creating the opposite of peacefulness, a feeling of happiness, abundance, and so on.

Noise pollution proves that sound affects us, possibly more than any other environmental factor.

Have you noticed that Buddhist Monks utilize gongs and other instruments in their worship practices?

And do you realize that we ourselves are merely beings created from many vibrating waves, just like the frequency of sound is? And of light? And of all creative force, matter, everything that we think of as solid? It is all actually made of a collection of whirring bits of never-resting vibrational energies, the great energy that the entire universe is composed of.

So, sound, as in "In the beginning was the word..." and the word manifested the world, is a vital part not only of manifesting - be it blessing or cursing - but of healing, and affirmations in the positive will bathe your being with the ability to heal everything in your life!

(Ocean, the singer, will have her own CD of Healing Songs, Meditations, and Affirmations available later this year at!)