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Breast Health

Breast Health

Year-round, females should always be aware of breast health.
During Breast Health Awareness Month, we at EcoMermaid decided to investigate exactly what most were supporting, no pun intended.
The cruel industrial-strength animal research that most of the so-called charities concerning this and most health issues is so abominable, so amoral, and so foul, that literally nothing good can come out of it.
Compassion leads to good health and long life.

Fortunatley, there are very good charities and research organizations that actually do speak the truth, use compassionate, moral research that actually points the way to human breast health, (and, since they do not base their findings o n the bodies of other species, - a pratice that has long caused many human deaths - these are accurate findings ), we'd like to share lists of worthy charities here, and of health practices and other measures you can take in order to ensure your own breast health!

1. Do not wear underwires in your undergarments.
    Aside from the metallic exposure your breast tissue cannot thrive near, you will also 
    be safer from lightning strikes.

2.  Eat a vegan diet.
     We have long known that traditional diets in areas of Asia where mainly vegetables 
     and rice were consumed along with tofu and other soy products, had ensured 
     until Western dietary toxic practices had begun to infiltrate, that these women
     were not known to ever have breast problems.

3.  Wear correctly fitting bras out of healthy materials.
      Findings have proven that tightly-fitting bras, constricting the complicated 
      inner wiring of breasts have not promoted breast health. (Benign lumps
      can be induced by something ti
ght or pressing o n the breast tissue
      like callouses o n the hands, so that tells us volumes.) (Also, the fact that
      Swedish mammograms are
given this way and are far more accurate is
      telling : they do not crush the breast the way American mammograms do.
      They have the woman lean forward and take the x-rays with the breast
      relaxed. Crushing the breast causes smashed areas and the areas resem-
      ble lumps o n the American mammograms, so far more procedures and
      possible lumps are seen than are actually there. We'll never know how
      much damage is done by these American mammograms and their false
      readings.) Let's all lobby to gain these better mammograms in America!

4.   Avoid the wrong fats.
      Fatty tissue such as breast tissue holds o nto toxins and excess fats.
      Eat organically-grown fresh veggies and fruits, whole grains, tofu, seeds and 
      nuts (but not to excess, due to the fats in nuts).Collections like pebbles in drains,      
      of fats and other solids from the bloodstream- the way cellulite acts o n the rear-
      sections - let us know that there is a dire need for the delicat tubing in the b to be 
      free and easy.

5.  Eat the right fats.
     EFA's - get Udo's Choice oils and virgin olive oil.

6.  Keep the toxins away.
     Use o nly eco home products from the health food store, and keep your garden
     and lawn healthy by using o nly eco techniques and products.

7.   Keep your mind as well as your body toxin-free. Think pretty thoughts.

6.   Avoid hormones. Meat and dairy products contain huge amounts of hormones,
      even if they are from so-called "organically-raised" animals. 
      Dairy is expecially odious, since it has so many hormones as well as the harmful
      fats and other ingredients. Did you know that milk is in fact pus?
Got Milk ?

7.  Along with eating a cleansing and healthy diet of fruits, vegetables, and nuts and
     seeds and whole grains plus the correct oils, avoiding sugar and other toxins,
     adding herbs and spices that assist the body in cleansing, is a  great idea.
     Parasites, fungi, and other organisms thrive in conditions of bad diets,and clog the   
     body and bloodstream with their overgrowths, eggs, toxic by-products, and 
     chemicals they exude in order to induce cravings that are counter 
     what  youryour body actually needs, so while a vegan diet will cleanse of itself,
     if you are not vegan, or if you're transitioning, use them.



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