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Brain Healing - We're All In Need Of This

Aren't we just minds?
Don't we just go onto auto-pilot at birth and forget about it? 
The basic make-up of our physical brains count.
Bumps on the head throughout life count.
And - chemicals change everything.

Everyone has some degree of brain damage.
Whether from the forceps used at birth or from bouncing on our heads off couches as toddlers, from rough-housing with school chums, sports, or from other small or large incidents, our heads, housed in the skulls as they are, still take a beating.
Experts agree that brain damage is not limited to the few who exhibit it most - it extends to all of us.Just as, while walking down the street, we can never be sure what is going o n inside someone's mind, so, too, we can never know to what extent their brains function well.
The myriad jobs a healthy, whole, functioning brain does are so extensive, that often a section of the brain will take over for another, lending the ability to carry o n as always - at least to the observer or the person owned by that brain.
And yet, we walk among people who cannot either control their impulses or their thoughts leading to those emotional impulses.�
There are maniacs out there, among us, and I do not mean the openly depraved - I mean those in chic business suits, the sociopathic variety - the o nes whose feelings are divorced from their compulsive determanism - the o nes whose ends justify their means.
Psychopaths, actually, often lead industries.It's pretty obvious, when you remember to, as the astute Agatha Christie advised us, "follow the money" to unravel motivations.
Another thing to understand about brain damage is that many, many people either self-medicate, deal with addictions, or are otherwise influenced by ingestion of toxic substances. Drunks abound.
Too much of o ne poisonous metal or another will cause untold aberrances in the brain, and erratic - at least - behaviour.
Signs to de-fuse situations: if someone's eyes are "sanpaku", an Asian term for those whose eyes show more white at the tops, bottoms, and sides than would be seen in a normal eye area.Those whose whites show all around are to be avoided at all costs, while those whose whites show o n the top are o nly a little less likely to attack.�
Those whose whites show underneath are in self-destructive mode and will often create or find a means to exit this life by not being "all there", or not caring.The destructive diet Americans anaesthetize and drug themselves with will cause this type of brain damage alone.�
Asian physicians warn that all Americans are sanpaku, meaning that all of them need to arrest their horrible eating habits and form some healthy o nes.
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Finding metal cleansing kits at the health food store can help safely chelate some of the toxic metal overload we all have from diet and atmosphere, from living around unsafe environments, like home heating and cooling systems, non-eco paints, etc.
We can minimize our own brain damage by creating healthy, vegan diets, by cleansing our systems periodically, and by learning how to ecoize our homes.
And - self-knowledge is key to directing the brain, as an entity, to cover for parts of our brains that may have been damaged. For instance, some doctors recommend writing for a time with o ne's non-dominant hand every day to stimulate the less-used side of the brain, and yoga masters ask us to do leg lifts toward the opposite sides of our bodies to align the dual brain in the mornings.
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