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Bacterial Infections - Heal

Bacterial Infections

Many suffer from even chronic bacterial infections.


First of all, let me say that using plain, ordinary garlic has saved the lives of millions of people, dogs, horses, cats, and many other in our animal family.


Garlic has so many anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, is so good as an anti-parasitic, cleans the blood and cleans platelets from arteries that I want to mention it first.


It has healed MRSA, the scourge of hospitals and the fear of everyone who needs surgery. These bacteria are resistant to antibiotics.


Using garlic this way: cut into pieces and allowed to soak into distilled water and used in a dropper


Pr even sliced garlic cloves applied next to a wound with a bandage


Or eaten with food, three a day in order to heal MRSA over at least a six month period can heal almost anything.


There are many other herbal anti-bacterials, such as olive leaf, colloidal silver - which works miracles even in long-term ear infections, periodontal disease and others and is safe for everyone including pets.


There are so many that we will add to this list, but meanwhile, search online for the herbal or whole food cure to any infection, and always use an acidophilus anyway, but especially if you've been on a round of antibiotics.






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