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Note: Disclaimer - As with everything here or o n any other site, in books, magazines, or word of mouth, every body is different, every situation different, everyone's understanding and possible dosage or brand or circumstance is different. Use many sources of knowledge. Check all out and learn yourself.  Read. Educate yourself.And check with a holistic physician or naturolathic physician or other health practitioner first before embarking o n exercise regimens, supplementation, herbs, or other remedies.Good, plain, simple organic fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds are the true way to health.These suggestions and the information shared is meant to be supplemented with other sources of knowledge and applied with ordinary caution.As with anything, anything can happen to anyone anywhere any time, so, just in case, even water in sufficient quantities can harm, so always use common sense and read labels, do not use anything new if you have an o n-going condition without first checking it out with a pharmacist or physician.

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What does Veganize mean?

It means to Go Vegan! It Means to Be Compassionate!

To make compassionate choices every day, that mean not o nly better products 
for your own body, and for the sweet, innocent animals, whose bodies are safe 
and protected in all-vegan products and are never tested o n them, but it also 
means that by your vegan choices, you care about the entire world.

Vegan products do not pollute our world, and they do not use pesticides or 
drugs or hormones that can harm both you and the environment.

Vegan products are traded fairly, with due compensation to adult, free workers, 
and they�re transported humanely.

To Veganize is to be enlightened, both in your body, and in your soul!

A Veganized body is lighter, too! More beautiful! And far Healthier!

Veganize today!

Vegan Articles

Veganizing Suits Human Bodies, Scientific 
Study Proves

Veganizing as a spiritual tool to enlightenment

Compassoinate Companies List
great list of compassionate companies here

Cruel Companies List
and of bad guys here

Famous Vegans Lists

Happy Cow's Famous Vegans List

Vegan Recipes




How eating healthy foods helps to save the world

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