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Health Mermaid

Health Mermaid

Here is the domain of Health Mermaid, a healing zone where not 
only the info, but the strength to heal and to become vibrant is found.

We want you to thrive, not just to survive !

Health Mermaid will give you articles on varying subjects and 

Health is the prerequisite of everything good in life - 
from happiness to prosperity. Health is necessary for a good mood, in order 
to have a good time, to have energy, and to have spiritual motivation.

First, though, set a goal - Intentionize - and then 
direct your will to follow along a very different path from the o ne you'd 
followed before.

Then, ask in prayer for God, or a higher power, or your own 
wisdom inside, to guide you, to strengthen you, to be with you as you follow 
us o n a journey of healthizing, revitalizing, and beautifizing.

The first key is to Compassionize.

This will open the door to enable your spirit to come out of 
hiding, and to heal.

Becoming o ne with yourself - for we all have many, many 
personae, many differing goals at work at o nce inside- even two distinctly 
different brains to deal with !

And harmonizing these selves within yourself is the key not 
only to health, but to well-being overall, to spirituality, and to being able 
to prosper.

HealthMermaid, and some of our other Mermaids, will be your 
guides o n this trip to wholeness and harmony.

Come often, and know that there is an answer for your -
and for everyone's - needs - and we will help you find it !

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