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Got Milk?

Kitty, the Calf, and Her Mommy

Let the Infant Stay with his Mother - Drink Soy, Almond and Rice Milk Instead

Got milk ? 
Got babies in crates

I don't drink milk any more.
I used to be a lacto-vegetarian - a vegatarian who does milk products.

Why did i stop?
Not because milk is just mucus from a cow's body.

Not because milk adds excessive wear and tear on my own body.

Not because milk adds excessive weight, dangerous hormones, murderous
bacteria and viruses.

I used to think that dairy cows were treated pretty well. Much better than, 
for instance, beef cows.

Not true. Not at all true. In fact, they are treated far, far worse. Dairy cows, the sweetest of Mommies, lead tortured existences and then are slaughtered to make ground beef. It's actually ground Mommies.

But this is not the primary reason.

If you got milk, you got veal crates. Period.

That's it.

There isn't one nice, little dairy i could find in many days of calling 
all over the country which didn't sell its' baby boy calves to 
veal craters.

And to keep lactating, cows are periodically impregnated. Period.

I had been under the misconception that cows would just keep on giving milk, 
if milked regularly.

This is not the case.

So, if you drink milk or eat milk-made yogurt, (they do make soy yogurt ! 
try it ! its way more creamy and delicious and healthy - dairy 
milk makes cancers, and soy heals )or ice cream ,(eat rice dream instead! 
its so much more delicious!), if you eat cottage cheese, cream cheese, 
use cream, (use silk creamer too- it's way better!) - and the same applies 
to all cheeses and products from other animals'milk, like goat milk.

tIf you do, you are making infant calves be torn from their mothers and put 
into horrible, tiny crates where they cannot even turn around !

And then, they're given torturous drugs which make them so thirsty 
that they whine and cry for water constantly, while their enormous and beautiful 
brown eyes beg out to ask , 

"Help me! Why me? What have i done? I want my Mama!"

Please try out one of the wonderful, compassionate and great-tasting alternatives 
to milk on the every market shelf today, like soy milk or my favorite -  
rice milk. And the new coconut creamers are just awesome.

There's a great blending of the two also, and some have vanilla flavoring, 
some not. The nut milks are superb, and so many new vegan cheeses, yogurts and compassionate ice creams are around now, it's just great.

We adore rice dream instead of ice cream, and we always get a thrill thinking 
about the lives of little baby calves we've saved every time we eat 
Vegan rella is a great brand of soy or rice cheese, and there's a cool, 
little shaker bottle of parmesan-style cheeser for vegan spaghetti.

Check out Veganize for some rad recipes too, and 

Save a baby boy today ! Go vegan!

Also -

If you Got Milk ? Got Mucus.

Yes, and putrid as it sounds - the reality is even more disgusting.
mucus in a glass is what you're drinking or ingesting if you eat any milk products.
If for health reasons - your own - you want to thrive, remember that mucus products - milk products - turn, just like glue, into a hardened gluey, mucusy coating on the lining of your intestines, and chokes off the normal functioning of your body- sending many undigested lumps of fat and bacteria and parasites along into your bloodstream which lodge anywhere they please in your entire system.
Think about that next time you see a milk carton.

Yes, despite all their ads about milk making o ne leaner, which is ludicrous 
and a complete lie, milk - even organic milk contains 
a huge load of dangerous estrogen- duh!

It's made to nourish a huge, lumbering baby bull!

Milk specializes in quick growth, even without the growth hormones they add 
to it to make their babies grow in record speed! 

And the excess estrogen in milk and meat products is definintely linked to 
breast cancer and uterine cancer - even o n our own, without consuming milk 
or meat, women are already at risk from their OWN excess estrogen !

Add to this the load of estrogen from animal sources, and you have a very 
dangerous situation !

Plus the early development and weight gains we see in even little children 
who consume milk - breasts develop in six-year-olds who are given cow 
milk, and far too many are dangerously overweight at nine !

And there is plenty of calcium in veggies! Yes, in veggies alone! And beans 
provide even more, and a daily supplement would put anyone's mind at 
rest about complete nutrition, no matter what they eat!
(See Veganize article below on calcium and magnesium and bone health.)

On Calcium and Bone Health

That one issue - making people fear that perhaps they need more calcium - 
is itself dangerously erroneous!

Most people have more than enough, and it collects in their joints and organs. 
Supplementation with magnesium will help to diminish these hard deposits.

People actually need less - not more - calcium, and o nly via veggie intake 
- particularly the green, leafy veggies, will your body be both adequately 
supplied with minerals including calcium, but will avoid the intake of excess 
calcium - usually from an unhealthy source.

To rely on supplementation for calcium intake is also dangerous. 

Most of it is obtained from dolomite, a rock formation, and it will make your 
joints, kidneys, etc., hard as rocks also.

In fact, to clear the overload of calcium, it is necessary to get supplemental magnesium.

Calcium must always be ingested after clearing with only magnesium supplementation with the correct ratio of calcium and magnesium.

The reality of a dairy cow's life is so dismal and sad, we won't show photos on this article.

Visit Veganize and find some wonderful suggestions of how to obtain the best 
and tastiest nutrition on the planet !

Tip from VeganMermaid -

It's easy to go non-dairy! And so healthy !
There are so many wonderful substitutes for dairy products available at your 
local health food store, that I don't need to list them here, but I 
like Silk products, and I love rice and soy milk and rice 'butter'.

Frenchy Toast

For a healthy and delicious brunch, or dessert or a late-night sexy snack, 

I make almond milk by soaking raw organic almonds overnight, then grinding 
and shaking them with water. I often add this almond milk to a bowl, soak 
ezekial bread in it, then bake into a delicious vegan version of French toast 
Top with stevia and cinnamon, and you have a healthy and fabulous treat !

And - a compassionate one ! Treat your body and your soul with kindness 
Veganize !

Why did we feature a beautiful calf and his gorgeous Mom ? We know she and he are Herefords and not Jerseys - the breed of cow usually used for milk. We know that this type of cow usually ends up being meat.All cows are intelligent and sensitive, and very interesting - next time you're in the country, go up to a fence near cows and wait till they walk near you. They're curious and cool. Look at how wise the Mother cow is, and how sweet and caring she looks. They all are like that.


Save Babies Here

Please Help These Babies Now!
Did you know that 40% of America's Hamburgers are from Cow Mommies?
That's right, from the Sweet, Dairy Cows who are slaughtered at age 4, when they should be living to decades!

Save Babies and their Mommies.
Go Vegan.

Save their lives and your own!

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Please Help These Babies Now!

I had researched this all carefully since I know that vegetarians want to be kind.
I called mom and pop farms, even in Amish areas.
I spoke to many who told me this - all females who give milk must be periodically made to bear a new child in order to continue giving milk.
The baby if she is female goes into milk production, if he is a boy baby, though, he is sent to veal creates, or slaughtered, usually after having been torn away from his mommy, both crying, and he'll be thrown into an arena where meat buyers will pay o nly a few dollars for his precious infant life. They use hooks to throw them into the circle.
The o nes in this process of cruelty are cruel people.

There are bid o n there by the veal crate people or by other cruelty industry representatives.

Whatever happens to them is horrific and almost inconceivably cruel.
Therefore, from any ethical or compassionate view, drinking milk from any mammal is wrong.

From a health standpoint for humans it is also very wrong.
We have far too much protein and calcium for our bodies to deal with already from the average diet.
Switching to a Compassionate, plant - based diet is wonderful from many angles.

Milk causes phlegm to build up in the entire system, and coats the walls of the intestines creating a glue-like film that hardens over time, smothering the walls of the intestines and preventing them from absorbing nutrients. It also causes a perfect growing medium for harmful bacteria and parasites and molds that actually form roots and attach to the outside of the intestinal walls and send out spores along with the parasite eggs to clog the bloodstream.

Milk is o nly meant for the infant of the cow or goat or sheep.

It causes huge growth and dumps enormous loads of fat and other unneeded materials into the body of a human who might ingest it, like hormones which are a very dangerous factor for women, as fat in the breast tends to collect both excess hormones and other toxins.

Dairy plays a major role in human obesity and sadly, in child and now even in baby obesity in America especially.

Did you know that hamburgers are made mainly from dairy cows that have been cruelly thrown out after their milking days are through? No green pastures for them ever. No thankfulness for their service, for having had their many children torn from their sides, from having their udders constantly bleeding and infected from the continual clamping o n of heavy, metal milking machine apperati, and from their hooves having been splayed out o n cold concrete floors, due to their huge, overblown sizes from the hormonal additives that cause their bulks to be too large for their feet - their feet that were designed to walk not o n concrete, but o n soft ground.

They - the dairy cows - lead miserable, painful lives.

They are major Mother figures, and we owe them much more than this in life.

Rescue a dairy cow and her baby today - at the same time you are rescuing your own body from dangerous substances, which is what dairy products are - buy o nly rice or soy milk and leave her and her baby alone, and you will thrive.

Did you know that all recipes can be Compassionized? Which is to say Veganized?
And that all recipes taste way better when made Compassionately? 
Veganize your menu and see how much better it tastes - AND how much better you feel - AND how much better you look! Drop the puffy face and the tiredness, wake up to vibrancy and great health, youthfulness and vigor! Go Vegan!

Save Babies Here

Did you know that 40% of America's Hamburgers are from Cow Mommies?
That's right, from the Sweet, Dairy Cows who are slaughtered at age 4, when they should be living to decades!

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Got Milk ?

Save Babies and their Mommies.
Go Vegan.
Save their lives and your own!

Here and Learn More about the Cruelty of Milk and Dairy Foods

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