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Candida Heal

Heal Candida 

Everyone has varying degrees of overgrowth of candida albicans, commonly referred to as “yeast”.

Those who eat unhealthy diets have more, and those who have had or are having rounds of prescription antibiotics are usually literally infested with candida overgrowths.

We’re all hosts to myriad and multitudinous populations of parasitic 
organisms – such is simply the fact of life as life o n earth.

One of my favorite PBS specials o n parasitic life said, “don’t 
worry – you’re never alone.” Taking a humorous view is always 
better than becoming paranoid !

The measures we can take to maintain a healthy balance are many. Creating 
this healthy balance is the o nly way of staying ahead of the growths of the 
tiny parasites, fungi, bacteria, and viruses that inhabit all of our bodies 
all of the time.

In the end, they will stay and will eventually become more healthy than we 
are. Until then, though, we need to learn how to stay o n top of the invasion.

Many people actually die of yeast overgrowth. 
Yes. They die. 
Often – more often than the average person knows about, but it’s really not mentioned much. It’s terrifying. Rather like a sci-fi novel – parasites taking over.

One medical person we spoke with said that o n an autopsy table, someone he’d 
overseen had opened up the heart, which was eaten almost in two by candida 

They literally can eat o ne alive.

Another health care worker told us about several young people she’d cared 
for in their final days, and how they’d died, literally, of candida overgrowth – of how it overwhelmed the immune system, and then began to take over every part of the body. And this was young people. The elderly fare much worse.

The organs in these cases are not up to clearing the invaders out sufficiently 
to maintain life of the host – the person, or another animal.

And for other invasions, see the article links belowo n Bacterial Infections and Viral Infections.

Did you know that organisms that live in you and off you can literally practice mind-control over you? Yes. Stranger than fiction, but true.
They can change the chemical environment at will to affect what cravings your body has.
This is why cravings directly counter to what your actual body needs and wants will interfere with what you need and will hotwire your system to get you to almost be maniacal in obtaining bad foods, drink, sugars, and so o n, in order that they - the host of millions inside you, their unwilling host - get what they require.

Now that you know the seriousness of the potential problem – let’s 
face it together.

There are some simple steps to take in order to become clear enough to function well.

There are others in order to maintain this healthy balance.

We will explore them both in the following articles :


Clearing of Candida Overgrowth

Maintaining a Healthy Balance – Staying Ahead of Candida Overgrowth

Heal Bacterial Overgrowth

Heal From Viruses 

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