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Addict Fix

Addict Fix

If you live for your appetites, they will eventually consume you.

                                                                                             - Ocean

We wanted to start this article with a quote from this month's Eco Celebrity, Ocean because it expresses what we'd like to convery in this vehicle to help addicts heal.

Addict Fix?

Fix should be a positive word, meaning to heal, to make right again.

We;re all, if we are honest, addicted to something.

Obsessions, compulsions, whether to be on time, to eat chocolate, to clean, 
or to adhere to a set of standards, are a part of our primal nature as primates.

Something in that jangling brain is always pushing us to stay between some imaginary 
line or to re-enact some self-defeating behaviour.

The lures of the media cause many to follow the siren songs to the very end, 
protesting that everyone drinks! - or - everyone eats at mcdonald's -
countless people are covered in their graves every year form one 
addiction or another.

Denial is the mode of thought that shovels the dirt over them.

The suspension of good sense is their stock-in-trade.

Addictions lead, too often, to the bone-yard.

A serious subject, I'm not going to make light of it.

To face your own facts of life is the first step.

To notice that every day your car steers into Starbuck's, for instance, 
or you stay enthralled to someone who abuses you for some odd reason you lie 
to yourself about, or that all-you-can-eat roadside cafe is your regular 
restaurant is the first step.

Not all addictions are to illegal substances.

Cigarette-smoking has been hunted down in this country and made to be an almost 
criminal offense, as it should be.

What about alcohol? 

No one ever killed anyone by merely smoking except through long years of exposure 
to second-hand smoke.

Add that fire to alcohol, though, and you have countless home fires, killing 

Add alcohol to driving, and you have millions more dead.

Why are we not going after alcohol?

As yourself why.

I can debate the love-affair our societies have with drinking, but I cannot 
dissect the reason why logic is not applied here.

If you want to end up brain-dead in a coma like o ne pal of mine who drank and 
drove, or in the hospital with all fours in traction and wake up to find you've 
killed all your friends, like a family member I have, or o n a cold slab, like 
five others I know, or without an eye, like another girl I know who rode in 
the backseat of a fatally-driven drunk driver, then keep doing it.

If you want to end up looking leathery and haggard and age before your prime, 
then go for it.

If you want your liver to take you out at forty, then be our guest.

If you want to be gang-raped at a party and end up pregnant with AIDS, then 
more power to you. 

If you're drinking, then you're on your way out.

But - inform yourself of the facts first. At least take a sober assessment 
of your decisions in life.

And have a heart for those around you - the little kids o n tricycles, 
the helpless stray dogs and cats, the wildlife on the roads trying to live another 
day, the ones who love you the most and are the ones most hurt by your actions.

Fix your addiction.

Fixate instead o n addicting yourself to good things, like doing good, like praying, 
like taking care of yourself - honoring your body as the temple it is.

Like feeling something for the o nes around you who are most dependent o n you.

Like stopping the things that are numbing you out. 
Like letting yourself feel again. LIving without the capacity to feel is not living at all.
If to feel again is to face fears, angers, and unexpresseed anxiety, to relive old wars against original family members, then so be it. Get help for it. Help exists all around you. A.A. is an excellent place to start.

Read Alcohol Fix

And now for the carrion-eaters. Like vultures, many - I shudder to think that it might in fact be most - eat rotting, dead bodies every day of their lives! Ughhhh!
Not o nly is it nauseating to eat corpses, but to have them murdered too?
That makes the murder rest o n your soul the way the dead body rests in your stomach, in a poisonous way.
Flesh-eating is addictive. Yes. The adrenalin of the poor, terrified, helpless being, the fellow mammal who feels as you do, who thinks as you do, who bears young and loves as you do and who has had his life stolen from him in order to make your own body die young and suffer miseries was so terrified when he or she ws being pushed into a death room while hearing the screams of his family and friends and smelling and seeing the blood flying and the horrifyingly monstrous cruel men who work in those places killing them - yes - those terrified animals, fellow animals, kin to you and to me, felt such terror that adrenalin filled their bodies, and that adrenalin stayed in the meat and the meat you'd eaten had given you the drug-like substance, adrenalin, that keeps many addicted to this disgusting habit of eating meat.

First is the recognition of the addiction, so understand now that you were not born to eat meat, that flesh-eating is barbaric, vile, and horrendous to your body, soul, and mind, and cruel beyond anything man does to man.

Then, find better ways to eat.
Give your body - and theirs - a break. Go Vegan.

Visit Veganize
 now and find out how to eat your way to great health, youthfulness, vigor, and happiness.

And take vitamins and supplements. Visit 
And drink water. And exercise. And meditate. Visit 
Yoga Mermaid  and Spirit fix.
And then you'll be happy you are alive and you won't need the addictions you used to lean on.

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