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Zest For Life - Do You Have It ? - Zestize !


                by Ocean

What is zest? Zeal?

Zestiness is way beyond joy!

Watch a dog at the beach and learn what really letting go and giving yourself over to the universe in unbridled wild joy is all about!
if you haven't unleashed yourself since you were a child - or even ever! - find a quiet spot if you must and let go!



Do cartwheels and don't give a damn who might see you!

Dance like a crazed maniac on a dance floor or at a party or even on the beach!

Ask like a Berserker running and jumping!
run sideways with arms flailing back and forth up and down like a ring-tailed lemur!

Hoot like an owl, howl like a wolf, do whatever!

This is not only an exercise in fun, but it will allow you to contact the most important parts of yourself and to release them!

Yes, the small child inside is really there.

Yes, that child is fueled by emotions, as are your dreams, as is your healthiness.

And yes, your creativity lives with them!

If you don't' give them time to play, and if you don't let the steam out, or just have a recess from the dull adult world, you'll get more than stale !

You might wilt or even rot!

Enliven - Lively Up Yourself - as the wonderful sage, Bob Marley - admonished us.

They weren't just lyrics - they were powerful shamanistic communications from a true master. And have you noticed that the great Tina Turner stays youthful? That she opens up completely onstage? That she's MORE than dynamic? She's wild! And her male counterpart is Mick Jagger, who's like a toddler, still - open, and yes, wild!

Do you think for a second that either of the three music greats mentioned above ever thinks about how they are perceived? Never! Nor should you!

Go on a wild rampage through the woods! Pretend you're Big Foot and emit otherworldly screeches!
Become the legendary Wild Man or Wild Woman - the wildest part of ourselves that many therapies and shamanistic traditions tell us to let go of - to allow to express themselves through us.

Ocean's Rescued Boys Sunny and Thor

Pretend, if you must - pretend you're one of the doggies above, finally let off his leash at the beach and taking advantage of every precious second of freedom to run as crazily and to splash as heartily and to bark as loudly as he possibly can!

Or pretend to be the surfer below - taking on the hugest wave of his life - having just stood up on the board, knowing that nature's most tremendously powerful fury is raging behind him, and yet he's with the wave - and it's lifting him up and pushing him as he suspends his thoughts and allows his body and soul free reign to just find their own balance - and he gives over his fate to the cosmos, and whether he lives or dies is up to them - he no longer cares - he's IN the moment - PART of the wave that carries him upward, o nward, and his true joy - his authentic self - is free.
That's the best part of life!
Enjoy it!
Let yourself go free!

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