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Viral Infections - Heal Them

Viral Infections

Viruses, bacteria, and parasites of other forms are all facts of life on our planet.

They're natural and really nothing to get upset about unless they're out of control.

How do impbalances occur?

Either by an overload of o ne or more types, a not-quite-functioning immune system, a mis-direction of your bodily control center - your soul, mind-body connection - or environmental pollutants.

Why are there so many of these assaults o n the rise?

Partly because we know more, partly because the drug companies scout for ever-more outlets for their sales promos, partly because the doctors are being churned out of med schools way faster than the public has need for them and therefore they must always create new markets for their wares and services, because our world is becoming more and more polluted, but the main reason is this - The disgusting food eaten by most of the Americans and now even more people of the world.

What to do?

First, understand that even the scariest words associated with viral infections or invasions are only words.

God can heal all. Many are healed and functioning even with AIDS. See AIDS Fix.

Many of the other ones are manageable too.

The key is to be healthier than other individuals.

To face the fact that you have an additional health issue and to therefore adopt even more healthy measures than would an ordinary person.

Also, even if it sounds a bit weird, bless your body and bless the viruses present.Ask your body to heal and to create a balance within itself, to lead you to an appetite for o nly the right foods, to include o nly the right people, environment, and all that you require for your health and continued healing.

Some, like the great inspirational writer, Catherine Ponder, sugggested we say "I love you and I let you go", to illnesses and other unwanted tratis or circumstances or beings. She said not only to bless your body and  its' great healing capacity daily, but to love and to let go of the food addictions, habits, unhealthy bacteria, viruses, parasites, and substances clogging our systems, and to stay positive throughout. The reason to bless your enemies - including the parasitic micro-organisms living in and o n you - is twofold. o ne, it will aid you to be loving no matter what, and two, some people even get bugs to leave their homes by appealing to the souls of the bugs and appreciating them as fellow beings, then asking them to depart. The same applies to tiny "bugs" inside us. Being open to all love, to co-operation, mutual respect for all living,  and to good feelings is o nly a good idea for everyone.

Some common anti-virals are garlic, collodial silver, and olive leaf, cat's claw, pau d'arco, and many more herbs we will explore. Any visit to a healh food store will inform you on the many kinds of anti-virals that exist among the natural cures, attained from the natural world.Even the common cold can be healed  easily with only a large dose or two of vitamin C ! 

Many supplement this with zinc and goldenseal and/or echinacea.Collodial silver will heal sinusitis and ear infections easily, and even periodontal disease.Xylitol will assist in tooth or gum problems, and stevia will also guard against both cavities and diabetic mood swings.There are hosts of available healng herbs and supplements.Supplement your information and use these cures supplied by our Creator and by the lovely forests and fields.

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